Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to black

I swear all my hair's going to fall off soon.

I kid! Thank God the people at Emphasis Salon had gentle hands, so dyeing it after only 2 months of lightening + perming it didn't damage it completely. And yay, I got my hair cut after a whole year of growing it into mermaid hair! Quite happy with the shade since it's gonna match my get-up for halloween. Issa and I are gonna be wearing the same costumes. Wooooh!

Haven't had any time to take photos of myself lately. Got tons of other photographs to work on. That means I've been neglecting my Chictopia and Lookbook accounts for a couple of weeks (err, months!) now. It's funny how I still get recognized cos of them. Like a while ago while doing the model's makeup (umm, I still play the role of MUA occasionally), she kept saying that I looked really familiar-- and oh, surprise, she recognized me from Lookbook! Anddd even Miss Cecile Van Straten (who sent me a super sweet package btw) said in one of her e-mails that she's seen me somewhere (again from LB). So why is everyone getting into Lookbook now that I've established a hiatus in posting? I mean I haven't completely ran out of outfit ideas. Getting notifications from those accounts in my mail just makes me sooo guilty for not being able to reply and post new looks. But that's not my priority right now... Juggling soooo many things which I can hopefully update you guys on later.

These dark circles around my eyes are getting too rebellious. Thankfully I've restocked my basic makeup loot.
Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation
My 2 seatmates and I are hooked on this! It's replaced my concealer. It's not even the thick, cakey form of foundation so if you're looking for full coverage, this won't work for you. As for me, I like it light because of the weather here. This is also a cream to powder formula so it's good for oily skin types.
Smashbox Anti-shine
I needed a good mattifier and I'm loving this one.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero
The creamy pencil glides on smoothly and after 30 seconds-- poof! Waterproof!
Nars Blush in Orgasm
A cult favorite, now I know why. It's always been out of stock here in the Philippines. Shoulda bought more from Sephora.

And as for skin care, I tried switching up my cleansing routine by using this Neutrogena 3-step system with Salicylic acid as its main ingredient. It was good for a couple of days but my skin turned out horribly dry after which made it shine! So now I'm back to using Proactiv. (Can't seem to find that Neutrogena kit on the net! Discontinued it I guess)

I'm looking for a good dermatologist around Manila. I wanna get a facial! LOL. I've never had one in my entire life and I think I need one. Please e-mail me if you happen to know a good derma around the metro.



Anonymous said...

Why are you so gorgeous? It kills me! :/ Haha.

Btw, you're a vegetarian right? Does it help in maintaining your smooth skin? Unfair! What shall i do? Haha.

Raleene said...

I guess. Since I don't get as many breakouts as I used to back when I wasn't a vegetarian yet. But I still get zits when I'm too stressed out/don't sleep at all for days. lol

Anonymous said...

Was it hard for you to give up meat and others? What about chocolates or pastas? Don't u eat those anymore? I wanna be skinny as you! :)

Raleene said...

Hard during the first few weeks but I've always loved vegetables as a kid since we always had them on the table during every meal. I eat chocolates and pasta sometimes. I can't give up desserts. I'm not skinny, though. Thinner than my high school self buy I'm still meaty :) I love food! But I don't like being a couch potato either. Im not vegetarian cos I wana be skinny. Tons of issues regarding meat that I hate :)

Eizel Nocon said...

Never had a facial??! Wow! No way, you're one of the few people I know that has good skin. Bitch! Hahaha! See you around Raleene!

Raleene said...

Lol my skin aint perfect... Seriously! See you around :D

Anonymous said...

sexy back!:)

Anonymous said...

what are the veggies u eat most of the time? maybe i shud eat those too. I heard eggplants does well for the skin.

Raleene said...

Broccoli, cauliflower, watercress, eggplants, lettuce, native greens, cucumbers, carrots-- anything I see in the grocery :)

Mikey said...

i`m also looking for a good foundation , i want to try MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation .

do you think its okay for our weather?
Cos after some hours foundation tends to slide off and it looks nasty due to sweat. :(

Raleene said...

MAC's been known for full-coverage foundations. It might be good for night outs but if you're planning on stayin under the sun, it just might appear slightly cakey if you sweat easily (like me). But hey, it has SPF at least! Just try it if you want to. Max Factor also has some good full-coverage foundations, but im pretty sure they're not as thick as MAC's. Good luck :D