Wednesday, October 21, 2009

from the laureate

Few languages capture the essence of the wave quite like the Cebuano variant; almost perfectly emulating the smoothness and solidness of water is it crashes against the surf, the sift and swirl of water as it curls inward and out from itself. This collection is a tribute to the ocean that has forever kept the island city of home home in its undulating embrace.
I wasn't much of who I am back then, and if I was, I wouldn't have been as afraid to approach her as I was. There she would sit, by the breakwater, brown shoulders curving in the sun; white frills of a hiked-up Sunday dress gathered at the knees, a wide-brimmed hat falling in soft folds over her face. A silhouette against the rising sun that would recur always in what I'd do. I never even knew her name. That's how I'll remember her.

Words, photographs and designs by Vito Selma.
Check out his new page HERE.


cybele/yuki said...

Vito is such a talented designer!!

Anonymous said...

hi raleene, love your new hair. :) and btw, what products do you use fo your face? :)

Raleene said...

Yuki- Yesss he isss! :)

Anon 3:02- Proactiv 3-step system! :)

J. Alvaran said...

Great photo for a great chair.

Those furniture are nice. Good job for Vito Selma! I hope I could push our boss to use the wave one to be used on some of our projects. Can I use that photo if you don't mind?

Anyway, glad to find your blog. Stay pretty.

Raleene said...

Go ahead, use the photo. It's from Vito's site :)

K said...

Wow Vito has a website now! :)