Thursday, October 1, 2009

More from New York

My photos for the Redefine exhibit:

model: Lexy Esver
taken at Long Beach, NY.
Doubles taken around NYC

And some more random pics from my trip...
Thanks heaps for helpin out, guys! :D

*Empire State of Mind* plays LOL

Mum and I resting outside Macy's


METAFUS said...

great pictures.

Raleene said...

Thanks :)

BJ said...

nice photos raleene! the first one is fantastic!

Too bad we didn't see each other there! it would've been fun! i live exactly 5 blocks away from macys if you go down on broadway and i can see the empire state blg from the apartment window... haaay good times... :(

Raleene said...

Omg thanks, BJ! that's a lot coming from you, seriously!

Damn what a great place to stay in! Awesome location. And yeah, too bad we dint go at the same time :( I wanna experience going someplace else with u, Baretz, Ciege and Eizel so we can shop and shoot! Lol

claulovesfashion said...

i love ur outfit!!

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