Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Olga Francine

photomanipulation by David Decena
He used this photograph from my 'backyard' shoot

model: Olga Moriles
Styling + makeup: me

photos by Jon Unson
post processing by me

Olga's been my online friend since High School but I never got the chance to meet her in Cebu. Just this year I met her at one of the clubs in Manila and finally said hello after recognizing each other. Agreed to have a photo shoot with her since she had to update her modeling portfolio and I wanted to do something fun during a quick trip to Cebu. Didn't plan the shoot properly so we ended up doing it in my house after lunching and luckily I had a few clothes sent over from NY at that time.

It's weird how I meet Cebuanos in Manila instead of getting acquainted with them in Cebu...

Oh yeah, INCA's in need of a WEB DESIGNER! Must be knowledgeable in CSS, Flash, HTML and Graphic Design. Must be based in Cebu or Manila. E-mail me if you know someone or if interested.



Ashley Dy said...

You're an awesome photographer!

What kind of lighting did you used?

Raleene said...

I don't use lights :) Still have to learn! As for Jon Unson's photos, I don't have a clue since I wasn't in the studio. Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

i love your photographs!they're all amazing,and you as well. i think you're even prettier than your best friend!

Dane said...

Jon's photography is always amazing, and great editing by you!


Raleene said...

Thanks guys! :)

@Dane: I love your blog. You are as awesome as your rockin new haircut. I am honored that u visit mine! lol :))