Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The way she kicked her heels & threw her fists in the sky.

Paul Van Dyk was awesome!

Vito is here for Manila F.A.M.E.

Cebu friends spending their term break in Manillie. Yay!

Benilde girls.

Buzz off!

Ah, yes. Backlogging.

Here are a number excuses:
  • Since day 1, we've been given tons of plates to do for each subject in school
  • The number of photos I have to edit are accumulating. Thankful that I'm getting more opportunities to shoot, but it's odd that it immediately happened hours after I declared that I was gonna put my self-paying hobby to rest.
  • I'm back in the choir. And have loads of catching up to do. Limiting myself to doing one production per term, but I think that's impossible now that I'm one of the remaining oldies left in the group.
  • Riz and I have been gigging. She's hella busy as well, so we haven't been posting any songs together. Our schedules are really different that we have to resort to rehearsing in our getaway van.
And yesterday....
Didn't get even a minute to sleep since I was seriously anxious for this killer exam we had to take for Materials & Methods II (each quiz is a fraction of our finals//cumulative score for all quizzes is our grade at the end of the term). I've never been more nervous for a subject in my entire life. It's funny how some people still think that we don't have to READ in our course. Excuse meeee, we got TONS to read. LOL.

And ooo we randomly went to PVD since we scored free tickets. Thanksss uber mucho to our benefactor!

Did a collab with another artist and will be posting that plus some photos I took for Coexist.

Time for schoolwork. Weather's not cooperating once again.


And whooooops.
This Friday- gig at Mag:Net High Street. 9PM-ish.
If you're from Ateneo:


micoteneal ( said...

I LOVE THE PICS... A Full blooded party goer and a full time student at the same time :->

Don't ever give up your photography as in EVER. I'm a fan of it :P

You can manage to do those things ;) just believe

Raleene said...

lol. we're only young once.

Anonymous said...

are you fil-am? or mixed?


Raleene said...

Yesss I am a mongrel :D

I kiddd! :)) Nope, I'm a Filipina.