Monday, November 2, 2009

for the love of HD videos

Here's another gadget dilemma.
I've been eyeing on the Flip MinoHD Camcorder and the Nikon Coolpix S70.

Flip MinoHD (60/120 min.) Camcorder

What I love:
  • You don't need a memory card for it. It stores 60/120 minutes of video (8GB internal memory) and all you have to do is use the USB to transfer and upload files to your computer.
  • The sleek chrome or black finish- sooo kickass. It'll match my gunmetal-colored titanium iPhone case.
  • You can also use a photo to design your own cam! But I need a friend to purchase it for me in the States since they won't allow an international billing address for checkout.
What I loathe:
  • Offers only up to 2x digital zoom
  • It's not intended to be a digital camera. No event/party/vain pics.

Nikon Coolpix S70

What I love:
  • HD movie mode- records video clips of important moments in high-definition up to 720p with sound
  • 12.0 megapixels of photo awesomeness
  • Touch screen display! (Tried using it at Best Buy and they made the controls similar to the iPod's)
  • Optical VR image stabilization!
  • Smile shutter and blink warning
  • 5x optical/4x digital/20x total zoom
  • Up to 6400 ISO (even beats my Nikon DSLR!)
  • Skin softening feature (Smoothes skin tone at 3 different levels for great-looking portraits.)
What I loathe:
  • Only has 20MB of internal memory (but that can be fixed with 4GB SD card! lol)
  • It's obviously more expensive than the Flip cam

So yeah, I'm asking for help here.

One reason why I'm considering getting the Flip cam instead of the Nikon is that I already have a Canon Ixus 65 (sorta dying on me cos I have to replace the battery). But I think I need to upgrade my point-and-shoot camera. My iPhone takes pretty clear videos but I can't use up all my memory to record clips and audio. I've been wanting to get the Nikon but the Best Buys at NY and SF ran out of black ones (I didn't want to get a ruby-colored camera).

Message me if you have any (good or bad) reviews about the Flip cam or the Nikon S70, please! AND if you can suggest better (HD) digital cameras for me to consider, send me note as well.



Hanie Schmeisser said...

hey ral :) my friend owns a flip video camera. it's been with her for 2 years already. she's from switzerland though. and it's pretty cool. videos so clear :) haha. you should get one! videos save better memories than photos :)

Raleene said...

Hey Hanie! Yeah i can sense that it's supercool but the Nikon cam is an HD camera, too! I've tried recording videos with it at Best Buy and the video's sooo crisp. Ackk still don't know what to get :/

Anonymous said...

what happened to your cream event?lol

Raleene said...

My area was hit by typhoon Santi :( Stuck at home.

Anonymous said...

alodia's review on the flip.. :)