Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free greens

Dad bought for us Broccoli chips, mixed fruit chips, sugar free and green tea popcorn a while ago. THANKS DAD! :D

AND two days ago we received a HUGE box from ZestAir filled with vegetables, nuts and vegetarian sauce. Thanks to mum we're saving a lotta money. According to her, veggies are waaay cheaper in Cebu and they're better. Really, now? :))

Hi mum and dad, can you buy shoes for us please? Oh and school materials, too. HEHE. :D

I'm kidding. Food's enough. HEALTHY FOOD PLS. :)

***The box was about half of a balikbayan box and it only cost mum 500 Php / 10.70 USD to have it shipped from Cebu to Manila on the same day. Coolio!


LiLi said...


can you share your tomatoes with me.
...and those ampalaya too.

Raleene said...

LOL my fave's the native watercress and squash :))