Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free greens

Dad bought for us Broccoli chips, mixed fruit chips, sugar free and green tea popcorn a while ago. THANKS DAD! :D

AND two days ago we received a HUGE box from ZestAir filled with vegetables, nuts and vegetarian sauce. Thanks to mum we're saving a lotta money. According to her, veggies are waaay cheaper in Cebu and they're better. Really, now? :))

Hi mum and dad, can you buy shoes for us please? Oh and school materials, too. HEHE. :D

I'm kidding. Food's enough. HEALTHY FOOD PLS. :)

***The box was about half of a balikbayan box and it only cost mum 500 Php / 10.70 USD to have it shipped from Cebu to Manila on the same day. Coolio!


Hi! I am LiLi! said...


can you share your tomatoes with me.
...and those ampalaya too.

Raleene said...

LOL my fave's the native watercress and squash :))