Tuesday, November 3, 2009

questioning reasonings; dealing with the things at hand.

You can take the girl away from the city,
but you can't take the city away from the girl.

jacket- Anthology; boots- Zara

Finally got to update my LookBook and Chictopia accounts.
Hopefully I can squeeze in more time for them in the coming weeks.

I don't usually prepare a Christmas wishlist but there are just two things I've been lusting for.
Apple magic mouse
Sam Edelman Zoe boots

And oh, a quick trip to the beach please. It's been a while.


Marcella said...

Utterly gorgeous, and those boots are amazing!

Jason said...

The photos look great and you simply look amazing!


Raleene said...

Thanks :)

uptodateInspiration said...

woww,I am so impressed