Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tara's Theme: Music, Love and Friendship

African Noel by Coro San Benildo

(audio quality sucks, so at some parts we sound soooo flat. lolz.)

Last Saturday, we sang at the Meralco Theatre for a benefit concert entitled "Tara's Theme: Music, Friendship and Love."

Other performers included the the Philippine Madrigal Singers, De La Salle University chorale, Assumption Antipolo Choir, Ateneo De Manila choir, Jose Mari Chan, Karylle, PPO Flute & String Trio, Julie Borromeo Performing Arts, the House of Dance, Musica Chiesa, piano virtuoso Nick Nangit, guitarist Mel Orosa, etc.

We sang Circle of Life, African Noel and The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

AAAAH the Madrigal singers are too awesome (YouTube them!).

We sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with them for the finale.

Pairing our corsets with denim. Yessss fashion faux pas backstage :))

Some of the guys with Mr. Jose Mari Chan (we sang for him after the show and I think he invited us to his place to sing Christmas carols. lol)

Me as the not-so-liddol [alto] choir girl.



Kit Ono said...

Which version of Circle of Life? Calalang version? (okayatumayeee~)

Shen said...

Hey Raleene!

Shen here form OCA DF.

Congratulations! It must've felt great singing with some of the country's top performers. I miss listening to the Coro version of the Lion Sleeps Tonight -the best talaga :) :)

Regards to Coro people.

Raleene said...

Shen: Hi, Shen! Yup it was too awesome. Really happy to be getting more opportunities to perform in front of more people and I'm so glad that Coro's finally getting recognized. Still can't believe we got to the top 24 for the MBC choral competition! I mean out of 90+ choirs in the Philippines! Woah. So much pressure on us now. LOL.
Thanks so much :D I'll tell them u said hey :)

Kit Ono: Nope, it sounds like the version MADZ performed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPMeDV_Lpn4&feature=related

Anonymous said...

wow! you're a very talented and beautiful woman raleene:) I am a certified fan of your life:)
"Ang Bangis mo!"

Raleene said...

LOL thanks :))

Anonymous said...

Wow! two thumbs up on this. A bit curious though on how you sang Circle of Life. I love that song. :D I see your friends with Hiro Okuda. haha we're batchmates during highschool! You know what they say, Its a small world after all. :)

Raleene said...

We sang the version popularized by the Philippine Madrigal Singers. I'll post the videos here once I figure out how to embed the videos from someone else's facebook account :)

Yeah Yro/Hiro and I are batchmates in Benilde :) Small world.

ericyip121 said...

Hi Releene, I am also a choral lover, and love Calalang version's Circle of life very very much~~ Able to share the score sheet to me or advise me whether i can get it... I can't buy or find it all around the world.