Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Lumpiang Hubad and Bibingka Souffle from Classic Cuisine (C2) Phils. at Edsa Shangri-La Mall

The best fresh lumpia (sans the wrap) i've had since moving here! May look a bit dry on my pic but it had tons of sauce inside which wasn't too sweet or salty. It was a full bowl of vegetables, too. You have to try ittttttt.

The bibingka souffle was to die for! My sister was complaining about being too full but when I made her try it, she couldn't stop getting scoops from me. LOL. It had some sort of custard inside plus salty eggs. So yeah, it was like an airy/softer version of the typical bibingka. The menu even stated that it was their "award-winning dessert". :))

I get a lot of questions about being a vegetarian in the Philippines. I think it's really easy being one in Manila! There are so many organic markets here. In the grocery you can find tons of vegetarian alternatives. Plus there's always Healthy Options for your supplements. I think I wrote down a couple of places on one of my answers in Formspring where you can buy vegetarian supplies. As for restaurants, I have a couple of faves and there are some veg restos around the city but seriously, you can find vegetarian choices in every restaurant! :)

And ooh I took those photos with the Lumix LX3... Not bad, eh? Now I don't have to carry around the huge Nikon. But I still love the food shots I can achieve with it and the 50mm lens.

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Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

I love C2 as well! Especially their crispy kare-kare and 3 ensaladas. :) Nice photos:)