Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hazel's lunch
Pia and Jen both got the eggs benedict with ham sandwich. It looks soooo good! They both couldn't finish it. It looks stuffing.
My usual grilled organic vegetable sandwich. Yum! My favorite :)
Rosewood- we all wanted to go swimming!

My classmates and I had lunch at Chelsea Market, Serendra last Friday after our Perspective 2 class before headin out to Rosewood Apartments to do our Ergonometrics Finals project. Let me tell you-- designing a 2-storey fine dining Indian restaurant and a 2-storey doctors' office (for 4 different doctors) is so much pressure when you're pressed for time! Gotta finish all the floor plans, sections, perspective/dress-up and presentation for defense before Thursday. Add that to our other plates and me rehearsing for our choir's Christmas caroling stints and MBC Chorale Competition this Wednesday. Oh gosh. I can do this! Better stressed than idle, I always say.

SOOO HAPPY that Chelsea / Chelsea Market's finally opening up a branch near Podium. I love that restaurant! Sometimes I go there to eat lunch alone while looking around and finding things to draw on my Moleskine. I love their interiors and how so much light goes in. Natural light is good for you!

I love doing things alone once in a while. I need my me time. I can even watch movies alone! Some people find that weird but for me it's therapeutic. LOL laugh at me if you want to but I need a few hours to myself each week to think! I can live for months without going to the Spa or getting a massage, but I need my me time! :)

My choir's performing at Tiendesitas tomorrow at 8PM. We're singing Christmas songs at the activity center. Hope you guys can watch us!

**loooovin the LX3 for food pics. I think I've mentioned that in my previous post already :)) My friends love how their pictures turn out, too. YAY!


Hi! I am LiLi! said...

Now, I feel like eating seasoned potato wedges after looking @ your food photos.

jmp said...

Hey Raleene! Is that the Panasonic LX3 camera you're talking about? I'm planning to get one. Is it good? : ) I want something that is SLR quality but not so complicated to use. I'm also thinking about G11? What do you think? I know you're an expert on this. Hope you can help me. Thanks! ; )

Raleene said...

LiLi- potatoes are <3

jmp- Yeap, Panasonic LX3. It's so nice! But to make the most out of it you have to somewhat have a background on using a DSLR since the controls are not as easy as a normal digicam's. The quality is awesome, though. I can't stop using it! It's like a "handy DSLR".
I don't know much about the G11 and I personally don't know anyone who has one. Do check :)

Unknown said...

The food looks so yummy! Good luck with finals etc! x

patricia said...

I'm in Surelli Pops Orchesrta! I was supposed to go! But I got lazy so I dint go. Haha