Sunday, December 20, 2009

sleep and merriment

PSID Christmas Party
and that is why we'd rather sit while performing. LOL (height difffff)
the bag and jacket-- I covet. (vint beaded blazer from her grandmother)
My coffee shop buddies (missing Jen- you ditched after my performance! Lol)
More batchmates
grabbed some of the photos from: Pia, Jeje, Za & Juenese

Tagaytay with la familia
(Such a small group! Lacking 1 more Cabrera family, mum and my brother)
Oh yes I was the only one who wasn't "out of it" yet I'm the eldest among my cousins :))

Oh yes, I finally figured out how to create trippy, slow-sync shots with my Lumix :))
AND I survived 2 Christmas parties without pigging out. HA! Good luck to me for the other upcoming parties.

My supposedly party-hungry buddies and I were surprisingly prim and proper during our school's Christmas party. Hmm... I think they're harder to please when it comes to the crowd and music. Oh and I forgot to mention that "well-behaved" was the best way to describe me that night- we practically sat on the couch the whole night and still managed to sweat! Man that's my pet peeve when it comes to clubs- bad AC.

My schoolmates and I were rejoicing that we'd finally be able to sleep during our break! Yes, sleep deprivation or NOT SLEEPING AT ALL is quite normal in our course. I actually had a hard time sleeping normally after 10 hours of sleep the other night. I stayed up til 5:30 AM the following night/day cos I felt like I slept too much the night before. At least I can get hours of shut-eye now! I was amazed at how much difference that can make to your whole aura. I've been living with the zombie look for months now. Hopefully I haven't given anyone a scare. :))

My holidays will be filled with WORK. Thankfully my loved ones will be coming over.


So sad I wasn't able to join them during the semis and finals... GRRRR couldn't practice and compete with them cos of my final exams and projects! Still, I'm sooo proud of them for making it to the top 10, battling against 80+ awesome choirs from all over the Philippines! So proud :) It's amazing how we've grown as a choir. I can still remember those times when I was still starting out with Coro and we had trouble finding a conductor. Went through so many hardships and it's so cool how we're starting to be called a good choir. Imagine being able to compete with the country's most matured and recognized chorales! Anyone can sing but it takes real talent and perseverance to entertain! I'm not all about recognition, it's just that it's nice being able to see and feel that the hard work my choir mates and conductor has poured into this is paying off. Choir is not easy. It is not merely a matter of getting spoon fed the right harmonies/notes. Add that to the work and schoolwork each one of us has to put up with everyday. I'm amazed at our ability to stay energized. Thank God for coffee and power naps? No. Thank GOD! :)

That's all... Happy Holidays, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ral! What setting did you use to make the trippy shots? :)

Raleene said...

I tried out two settings on the Lumix:

1. Using the slow sync flash setting at ISO 400 on night scene
2. Aperture Priority mode at ISO 400 with slow-sync flash