Thursday, January 28, 2010

birthday wish list + wants

english cheese with cranberries
get me some from Costco and I'll love you forever ;)
new "eye" ring from Mango- it was the last one. Meant to be for meee! ;)
(I'm not usually drawn to bejeweled rings)
and errr don't mind the lens/image distortion :))

I'm drowning in school work and I just can't wait for the week to end. Was sleepless for the last two days and when I finally got some Zs last night, I just had enough energy to SLEEPWALK and get cereal from the pantry at around 8 PM. I found out about it the next day through my yaya and I sorta wailed cos she didn't stop me. And oh, apparently she heard me sleeptalk, too. I blame it on exhaustion.

The beau is coming to town supposedly for my birthday (Saturday), but his brother's been nominated for eviction from the Big Brother house and he needs to be there in case he gets the lowest number of votes. The plan was to have a private movie screening of When In Rome with some friends at my uncle's office, dinner, then a couple of drinks somewhere. Sadly, he'll have to skip dinner to go to the live eviction night thing. Oh well.

Still thinking of places to go to this Sunday, we might go on a road trip to Tagaytay, or wherever.

Ohhhh posting a birthday wish list for my family *wink wink*

1. Lots of scrunchies / hair ties
I always buy a stash of cheap ones cos I end up losing them after less than 10 uses! I need one everyday for when I draft or work out.

2. A hair brush
Yes, I am the only girl who doesn't have one. I run a comb through my hair with conditioner while in the shower and that's my only hair care routine. I think I need to own a brush now since there are more and more pictures of me popping up with a "confused parting"

3. Makeup bag
Right now I'm using a small plastic pouch that came with my Laura Mercier moisturizer kit, and it's filled with makeup gunk plus it's too small for the new makeup I've purchased.

4. Pilates DVDs

5. Moleskine reporter's journal (soft cover)- if it exists OR a Moleskine soft cover plain journal
I love to sketch or write down just about anything! My old one's falling apart. :(

6. 4 gig SD card
You can never have too many SD cards :))

That's about it! This is sorta a meaningless post... I've been a boring school girl this entire week. Hopefully my birthday weekend will be FUN!


Some other things that I've been eyeing on...

Yves Saint Laurent platform pumps

I've been wanting YSL pumps since forever but these platforms just made my heart skip a beat. I think I'm the only girl who doesn't own a pair of classic black pumps. For formal school presentations I'd always end up borrowing Issa's black Zara pumps (thank God we have the same shoe size). I'm still waiting to fall in love with a pair that I can afford. Hopefully Zara creates something similar to these YSL babies.

The new Apple iPad

The name has been generating a lot of buzz (malicious ones LOL) and I, too, shed a tear and sent the Apple store an email to notify me of its availability. After tweeting about it a few times and expressing my need/want for it, a few of my twitter friends sent me links about its limitations. I was looking for an SD card slot at first for transferring photos. It doesn't have one but they're selling a camera connection kit accessory, so I was instantly relieved. Then I got word about it not allowing you to multitask *sheesh* plus-get this- NO FLASH! How are we gonna view those awesome flash-based web pages? Sad news for the internet geeks like me.

So far I'm loving the iBook store, photo browsing and supercool iCal (yes, I use the iCal like it's my life line). I wonder if I can install Adobe Photoshop and edit using it? Hmm...

*A lot of people have been pressuring me to take a picture of my shoe collection! I'm doing that once I'm quite finished with all the plates for school. It's gonna take time for me to bring them out of the shoe cabinet and take them upstairs to my study room (slash-studio, hehe) since it's too dark downstairs! Don't expect too much, though. :))

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Plum rush

lips- concealer + lip gloss ;)
blush- NARS (YAY! I found blush around the house)

MAC’s Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows

Didn’t have time to go home to change and freshen up for a my 2nd cousin's debut, so I bought a new eye palette at the mall and did my face in Starbucks while waiting for my car.

Glad I didn’t end up looking like a clown! The lighting wasn’t so good, plus I couldn’t use their lavatory since it was occupied. Got inspiration from different pictures around Beauty Bar. Green eyes look good with purple eyeshadow :)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the lovely questions on my Formspring! You guys entertain me with all the comments and questions everyday, seriously! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Epic night!

It's almost been 3 months since I've last seen my beztie, Issa!
I like winning! :))
Met the peeps of Urbandub

Oh yes, we all look so prim and proper in this pic.
With Angelo of the band N/A
Met the singer of Saosin!!!

This be our new hand sign, chyeah.
Awesome set by Rico!
Ate at North Park after

Soft tofu mmmm
Mushroom noodle soup mmmm

Got so excited after Rico tweeted that he was performing with Urbandub at Capone's AND Saosin might drop by within the night! Called up my best friend Issa, and of course she couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet them.

Saw a couple of Benilde and Warner Music peeps at A.Venue, good to see some familiar faces. But that didn't turn out to be a good thing when Izz and I got called up on stage to join a drinking game! I remember seeing some "what-the-hell-are-you-doing-there" looks. LOL. But I won anyways! I like being challenged AND I like winning. HAHA! The prize now sits on my pantry, along with other alcoholic beverages from dad that we NEVER touch. Drinking alone at home is just too... lame. :))

So this night was pretty epic, meeting Saosin and Urbandub... Great music, free booze (lol) and being with my two sisters! I think the worst effect of the alcohol was not being able to control my hunger at 2 in the morning and rushing off to North Park to eat. DAMN. And I offered to pay for everything! What was I thinking?!?!? :)) Well the food was great, I say North Park's always the best place to grab some quick Chinese food. The people are sooo nice, too. Oh and for dessert, you've got to try their mango tapioca and gabi butchi! Yum.

All the alcohol almost killed me the next morning. The world was sorta spinning when I woke up, but I had to finish my plate for school. I managed to do it, and I think rehydration was the best way to get rid of the headache. I can't believe my dad just laughed at me after telling him that I won a drinking game! He always calls me an alcoholic. My sister calls me the "vegetarian with high tolerance to alcohol". Yes, I know, how ironic is it that I'm such a health freak yet I still go on and keep drinking. Before you roll your eyes on Raleene, lemme just say that YES, I am trying to cut back. It's only been a year since I've started going out and drinking and I think I've had enough. I've already used classical conditioning to eliminate tons of drinks on my "fave drink" list because of all the puking and bad hangover which leaves that unforgettable aftertaste. So yes, I am on the road to wellness again! :))


Just a day before word got out that their Asian tour was cancelled, I forced my boyf into not buying us the tickets. I was becoming guilty for allowing him to spend about Php 8,000 for our tickets. I mean with all that money, we could do tons of things! Or even do something else that's fun and less expensive. I told him that going on a day trip to Tagaytay would make me just as happy, and that would give us more quality time for each other. A concert would be fun, but he's not really into the Killers and a standing with big crowd + loud music would only be too tiring. After much persuasion that I really didn't wanna go to the concert anymore, he figured he could use the remaining cash to buy a new phone to replace his crappy one. Haha!

It's sad that a lot of people will have to get refunds for their tickets. I know a couple of people who planned on flying to Manila just for the event, and now they're left with a normal Manila trip sans the Killers experience. As for me, I'm glad everything fell into place! :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Cebu weekend- SINULOG 2010!!!


Why, hello again, Cebu!

Watched URCC live for the first time! (at Cebu International Convention Center)
Attended an Embassy event (played mostly RnB for this night)
Went to Loft, Penthouse and then Vudu to meet up with some friends. All the clubs were FULL!


Went to another Embassy event at CICC (house music this time)

-almost all of the parade pics were taken by Prinz. Thanks, Prinz! :) -

It's still Christmas over at my boyf's house! :))

The double-decker bus
Me being all tourist-y
(Erica bought native hats for everyone as soon as we got off the bus since it was soooo hot when we first got there!)
Tailgated behind the floats of IPI (International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

They won 1st place! :D

Check out the crowd. Oh yeah.

Ran across my other friends who joined the rest of the Cebu kids at Pur Vida (the group I was with last year- with the booze, dancing and face paint! :D )
It rained a couple of times. Thankfully Denise wore lash extensions, and I was wearing waterproof mascara. Lol!

We danced on this float for the rest of the night!
Finally at the grand stand!

Arrived in Manila

Had breakfast with Carl and Chris at Pancake house before going to my 9am class

Barely slept this entire week. My body's still sore til now but it was all worth it.
Friday- landed in Cebu at around 9:30 PM, still sleepy from the night before after trying to edit all the photos right after an event. Quickly freshened up and changed. Went to the Cebu International Convention Center and we watched the URCC thing for a bit. We got there just in time for the main event which was amazing! Very entertaining but I pitied the loser since people were cheering even if he was unconscious for the rest of the night (poor guy!!!). Then there was this Embassy event. Free beer at the VIP area but I hate beer, so I got this mix of something and Sprite. It was getting full but we had to leave since my friends kept texting me to go to this club and that event, etc.
Went to Loft first, and went up to the Penthouse. IT WAS PACKED. Seriously couldn't move and was starting to sweat the moment I stepped in. Thankfully my friend Alyssa had her personal bouncers cos she owned the joint (lol) and we were able to head up near the DJ so we could see the crowd and dance a bit.
Then we drove to Vudu and met up with our other friends. Glad I was still able to catch them there, it was getting late and they waited for me to arrive! YOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET! =)
Saturday- Chilled at the mall for a bit, went around and did some errands and went home to change. Went to the 2nd Embassy event (house music) and there were more people this time. Pretty fun, but again had to leave since a couple of my friends were waiting in Vudu. Saw more Cebu peeps, FUN! :D
Sunday- Got picked up by the boyf, went to his place for breakfast with his family before we all went to the IPI office. From there we took a coaster and got off somewhere (LOL I don't know the names of the streets!). It was SOO HOT at first, so we got hats *yay!* . Walked a couple of kilometers and people were so amused by the floats. Everything MOVED and had SOUND EFFECTS! How awesome is that? Well their float won FIRST PLACE, so you can only imagine how nice it was :)
Later that afternoon it started to rain. We all got more excited, plus booze was passed around which made everyone even more hyper. Loud music, dancing, chanting, booze, people, rain = WILD. Man, I'm pretty sure some crazy videos will show up somewhere! Eeep.
We got home realllyyy late, I remember dozing off in the car a couple of times. I was so beat. But again, it was soooo worth it! Still pretty surprised that I didn't turn dark- i was hoping to get a bit tanned at least.
I'm in Manila again and I have to face tons of work. Still having that Sinulog hangover. I miss it already, but I'm looking forward to next year's! This weekend has been physically draining but I am totally refreshed and ready to face school again! I rarely get to see my friends nowadays and this trip's just what I needed. I missed my home in Cebu, too (my favorite house, hehe) and this sure put at end to my homesickness.
Mum, I missed you! Sorry I didn't get to eat your home-cooked meals, I was always out, but I hope you'll be able to fly over for my bday/dad's bday.
Friends, it was nice seein all of you!
Thank you so much to the Castillos for the Sinulog experience!
ANDDD thank you, Lord, for giving me enough energy to last without getting much sleep. Thank you for blessing me with so many wonderful people in my life!
Man, hard work sure does pay off.

Here's a funny clip from the parade. Taken while we all paused for a bit :))