Friday, January 22, 2010

Epic night!

It's almost been 3 months since I've last seen my beztie, Issa!
I like winning! :))
Met the peeps of Urbandub

Oh yes, we all look so prim and proper in this pic.
With Angelo of the band N/A
Met the singer of Saosin!!!

This be our new hand sign, chyeah.
Awesome set by Rico!
Ate at North Park after

Soft tofu mmmm
Mushroom noodle soup mmmm

Got so excited after Rico tweeted that he was performing with Urbandub at Capone's AND Saosin might drop by within the night! Called up my best friend Issa, and of course she couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet them.

Saw a couple of Benilde and Warner Music peeps at A.Venue, good to see some familiar faces. But that didn't turn out to be a good thing when Izz and I got called up on stage to join a drinking game! I remember seeing some "what-the-hell-are-you-doing-there" looks. LOL. But I won anyways! I like being challenged AND I like winning. HAHA! The prize now sits on my pantry, along with other alcoholic beverages from dad that we NEVER touch. Drinking alone at home is just too... lame. :))

So this night was pretty epic, meeting Saosin and Urbandub... Great music, free booze (lol) and being with my two sisters! I think the worst effect of the alcohol was not being able to control my hunger at 2 in the morning and rushing off to North Park to eat. DAMN. And I offered to pay for everything! What was I thinking?!?!? :)) Well the food was great, I say North Park's always the best place to grab some quick Chinese food. The people are sooo nice, too. Oh and for dessert, you've got to try their mango tapioca and gabi butchi! Yum.

All the alcohol almost killed me the next morning. The world was sorta spinning when I woke up, but I had to finish my plate for school. I managed to do it, and I think rehydration was the best way to get rid of the headache. I can't believe my dad just laughed at me after telling him that I won a drinking game! He always calls me an alcoholic. My sister calls me the "vegetarian with high tolerance to alcohol". Yes, I know, how ironic is it that I'm such a health freak yet I still go on and keep drinking. Before you roll your eyes on Raleene, lemme just say that YES, I am trying to cut back. It's only been a year since I've started going out and drinking and I think I've had enough. I've already used classical conditioning to eliminate tons of drinks on my "fave drink" list because of all the puking and bad hangover which leaves that unforgettable aftertaste. So yes, I am on the road to wellness again! :))


Just a day before word got out that their Asian tour was cancelled, I forced my boyf into not buying us the tickets. I was becoming guilty for allowing him to spend about Php 8,000 for our tickets. I mean with all that money, we could do tons of things! Or even do something else that's fun and less expensive. I told him that going on a day trip to Tagaytay would make me just as happy, and that would give us more quality time for each other. A concert would be fun, but he's not really into the Killers and a standing with big crowd + loud music would only be too tiring. After much persuasion that I really didn't wanna go to the concert anymore, he figured he could use the remaining cash to buy a new phone to replace his crappy one. Haha!

It's sad that a lot of people will have to get refunds for their tickets. I know a couple of people who planned on flying to Manila just for the event, and now they're left with a normal Manila trip sans the Killers experience. As for me, I'm glad everything fell into place! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow you met Saosin! :D
Oh, and I'm also the vegetarian who has high tolerance with alcohol in our barkada, theyll fool me that my drink has like bacon bits in it hahahha!

Raleene said...

Lol does that come with being a vegetarian? It's weird, seriously! Never tipsy til I get home :)) but it's bad for my body!