Friday, January 15, 2010

Kate Torralba's birthday show at Encore 1/14/10

Turbo Goth's Sarah Gaugler
And the fashion show begins!
Joey Mead
Phil. All-Stars
Happy birthday, Kate!

My outfit

Got invited to take photographs for Kate Torralba on her birthday show along with other Lomomanila members. Wore a jumpsuit cos I needed the pockets and the comfort factor since I decided that I was going to shoot in killer heels. Man, it was tough having two cameras (one DSLR with the big lens and external flash and one film cam) plus stuffing film, my mobile phone and face powder in my pockets. And clubs around the metro are filled with lurking thieves. Good thing this event wasn't wild. :))

Started off with Turbo Goth's performance, which was pretty cool. Saw Sarah Gaugler months ago when Riz and I performed at Capone's. I wasn't aware that she was also a vocalist or that she had a band, but I remember staring at her awesome tattoos. Apparently she's also a tattoo and graphic artist. Check out her stuff here.
Kate took over the stage afterwards. She started playing the piano and sang a couple of songs. She has an amazing voice! I've heard from a bunch of Cebuanos that she was an awesome singer, and I'm pretty sure she used to perform at my aunt's music bar. She's soooo talented!

Then I got called over for an award- which was freakishly random, btw- I think it was something like the woman of the night award and received some Make Up For Ever goodies! Man, it was weird having to leave my cameras and be photographed by the other photographers while being called up in front. ECH. And to be called a woooooman. *Shivers* I still feel like a kid, seriously. :))

Kate showcased two collections from her label (Kate Torralba), and I believe one was for Paper Dolls. Her clothes are always colorful, flirty, sexy and fun! I've always wanted a dress form Kate, but the only things I've purchased from her boutique were stockings (Leglove) only because I'm not brave enough to wear those wild, colorful dresses yet. (Which reminds me, I was pretty colorful back in High School! Hmmm.)

Weewilldoodle also did some cute graffiti on blank canvases while the models were strutting. Supadupa neat! Loved the whole setup of the party. It was put-together by Robbie Carmona.

Had to edit the pics right after the event. Dint get any sleep again since I had class early in the morning. Gotta run, have to pack for my flight to Cebu tonight! Excited for Sinulog!



Anonymous said...

jst dnt know where this fit:)
jst a message for you,Happy Festival to you and all cebuanos:) "Blessed Sinulog to you":)

S said...

Photos are currently unavailable. :( Will check back later.

"Woman" haha. But sometimes, being called a girl sounds weird.