Monday, January 18, 2010

My Cebu weekend- SINULOG 2010!!!


Why, hello again, Cebu!

Watched URCC live for the first time! (at Cebu International Convention Center)
Attended an Embassy event (played mostly RnB for this night)
Went to Loft, Penthouse and then Vudu to meet up with some friends. All the clubs were FULL!


Went to another Embassy event at CICC (house music this time)

-almost all of the parade pics were taken by Prinz. Thanks, Prinz! :) -

It's still Christmas over at my boyf's house! :))

The double-decker bus
Me being all tourist-y
(Erica bought native hats for everyone as soon as we got off the bus since it was soooo hot when we first got there!)
Tailgated behind the floats of IPI (International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

They won 1st place! :D

Check out the crowd. Oh yeah.

Ran across my other friends who joined the rest of the Cebu kids at Pur Vida (the group I was with last year- with the booze, dancing and face paint! :D )
It rained a couple of times. Thankfully Denise wore lash extensions, and I was wearing waterproof mascara. Lol!

We danced on this float for the rest of the night!
Finally at the grand stand!

Arrived in Manila

Had breakfast with Carl and Chris at Pancake house before going to my 9am class

Barely slept this entire week. My body's still sore til now but it was all worth it.
Friday- landed in Cebu at around 9:30 PM, still sleepy from the night before after trying to edit all the photos right after an event. Quickly freshened up and changed. Went to the Cebu International Convention Center and we watched the URCC thing for a bit. We got there just in time for the main event which was amazing! Very entertaining but I pitied the loser since people were cheering even if he was unconscious for the rest of the night (poor guy!!!). Then there was this Embassy event. Free beer at the VIP area but I hate beer, so I got this mix of something and Sprite. It was getting full but we had to leave since my friends kept texting me to go to this club and that event, etc.
Went to Loft first, and went up to the Penthouse. IT WAS PACKED. Seriously couldn't move and was starting to sweat the moment I stepped in. Thankfully my friend Alyssa had her personal bouncers cos she owned the joint (lol) and we were able to head up near the DJ so we could see the crowd and dance a bit.
Then we drove to Vudu and met up with our other friends. Glad I was still able to catch them there, it was getting late and they waited for me to arrive! YOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET! =)
Saturday- Chilled at the mall for a bit, went around and did some errands and went home to change. Went to the 2nd Embassy event (house music) and there were more people this time. Pretty fun, but again had to leave since a couple of my friends were waiting in Vudu. Saw more Cebu peeps, FUN! :D
Sunday- Got picked up by the boyf, went to his place for breakfast with his family before we all went to the IPI office. From there we took a coaster and got off somewhere (LOL I don't know the names of the streets!). It was SOO HOT at first, so we got hats *yay!* . Walked a couple of kilometers and people were so amused by the floats. Everything MOVED and had SOUND EFFECTS! How awesome is that? Well their float won FIRST PLACE, so you can only imagine how nice it was :)
Later that afternoon it started to rain. We all got more excited, plus booze was passed around which made everyone even more hyper. Loud music, dancing, chanting, booze, people, rain = WILD. Man, I'm pretty sure some crazy videos will show up somewhere! Eeep.
We got home realllyyy late, I remember dozing off in the car a couple of times. I was so beat. But again, it was soooo worth it! Still pretty surprised that I didn't turn dark- i was hoping to get a bit tanned at least.
I'm in Manila again and I have to face tons of work. Still having that Sinulog hangover. I miss it already, but I'm looking forward to next year's! This weekend has been physically draining but I am totally refreshed and ready to face school again! I rarely get to see my friends nowadays and this trip's just what I needed. I missed my home in Cebu, too (my favorite house, hehe) and this sure put at end to my homesickness.
Mum, I missed you! Sorry I didn't get to eat your home-cooked meals, I was always out, but I hope you'll be able to fly over for my bday/dad's bday.
Friends, it was nice seein all of you!
Thank you so much to the Castillos for the Sinulog experience!
ANDDD thank you, Lord, for giving me enough energy to last without getting much sleep. Thank you for blessing me with so many wonderful people in my life!
Man, hard work sure does pay off.

Here's a funny clip from the parade. Taken while we all paused for a bit :))



S said...

You boyf's house is so nice!

Looks like you had fun! Your post made me put 'attend Sinulog' in my bucket list of things to do.

Raleene said...

Yay! Cebu + Sinulog = Awesome.

Dane said...

I was at Formo and Vudu on friday and saturday but sunday I just wanted to get home and take a shower and put my feet up, I was exhausted! Nice photos, we were at the start of the parade, so we hit the grand stand just before dark. Shame, I didnt bump into you! x

Vera Liane Rea said...

Can I just say "Im ingit RAL!!" Hahaha Im seriously missing the Visayas region right now :( Boohoo but anyways, your pics make me wanna visit Cebu more now. :D

Raleene said...

Dane- yeah I went to CICC, Formo and Vudu last Friday and CICC + Vudu on Saturday. Too exhausted to party after Sinulog. And yeah I guess we were one of the last ones to reach the grand stand... Hope I bump into you next year :)

Vera- YES tell me when you're planning to visit so I can fly there and we can partyyyy :D

Unknown said...

Wow, just looking at these photos made me feel like I was there. lovely blog!


Raleene said...

glad u liked em :)