Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh thunder in my heart, this razor's cutting sharp.

models: Celine Ferros and Joseph Day

Finally finished editing some of my photos! Tons more to work on.

Bong invited Tricia Gosingtian and I to shoot at their newly-renovated store Heima at Cubao Expo. The people from the show Urban Zone were present that day, too. They did a segment about the store and it aired last Sunday.

Heima's one of my favorite interior design stores! The first floor is very fun and quirky. They've just installed their new Fornasetti wallpaper (the b&w one with faces/eyes) and they have a really colorful patchwork couch. The second floor is like a bachelor's pad. There's a bold red couch stationed in front of the wall full of frames, and right in front of it is a shelf full of vinyls and record players. The sun fully illuminates this floor because of the big windows, I can totally live there!

They also have Lomo cameras, lomo supplies and neat accessories for sale. Check out their site or Tumblr page for a full range of products.

Here are the lovely people who run Heima:

Rossy and Bong (he's the president of Lomomanila)
Jade, Rossy, Bong & Dy
Keep calm and carry on :)


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