Thursday, January 7, 2010


Stopped using Proactiv last week. Kept denying that I've grown immune to it. I was starting to break out a couple of months ago cos of stress and sleep deprivation- and for years Proactiv saved me from breakouts even if I went through hell with my lifestyle. A lot of people said that it didn't work for them- some even discovered that they were allergic to it. It worked wonders for my skin (believe me, my whole forehead was covered when I was in high school) and kept recommending it to my friends. I even hoarded a couple in America just because it costs half the price there. But sadly, along with other types of medication, my skin didn't react to it anymore. Little by litte, zits started popping out. Thankfully they weren't too severe and I was able to cover them up with concealer and treat them with the refining mask that came with the Proactiv kit.

Finally dragged myself to visit a dermatologist last week. Mum went with me, too. She wanted to ask about the pigmentation on her left cheek cos of too much sun exposure on that side when driving. I used to visit a dermatologist in Cebu for my skin asthma. I still order my medication from her when it acts up. She also treated my backne. Sooo glad that I'm done with that phase.

Dr. Nellie Yu was very sweet. Service in her clinic was so fast! She's 50+ years old yet her skin is AMAZING. You can tell that she's a really good dermatologist and her office (even if it wasn't too roomy) was spick-and-span. Her assistants were pleasant- and that's not very common in clinics here.

I FINALLY HAD MY FIRST FACIAL! Well it didn't involve a lot of pricking, thankfully. I think she might've given me a peel, too. It was so fast and after the procedure my skin felt sooo clean. She quickly explained to me the new cleansing system that I had to follow (replacement for Proactiv). I still have to get the hang of it since it involves more "potions" as compared to Proactiv's 3-step-system.

It's only been less than a week since my visit to the derma but I can say that my skin's improved so much! My acne scars are starting to fade and I don't have any more zits! Still not optimistic about having zero breakouts during that time of the month, but at least I'm sure it won't be that bad anymore. Mum said that she's liking the new medication she was given as well. So glad that our trip to the dermatologist was worth it (and I thought I was saving tons of money with Proactiv cos I didn't have to visit the derma anymore). I have to go back after 2 weeks. Can't wait!

MAC eye brow pencil in STUD & brow gel in SHOW-OFF

Bought a couple of MAC goodies as well. I'm not really into the brow pencil cos it's creamy and it sorta fades during the day, but I'm loving the brow gel. It's perfect when used with Maybelline's Unstoppable brow pencil in black. My hair's starting to become brown again so I had to tone down my brows just a little bit. Brown brow gel + black brow pencil does the trick.


And oh, details on the derma:

Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery

SKIN CLINIC (where I went to)
3rd floor, Mercury Drug Building
Glorietta 3, Ayala Center
Makati City
Mon. & Sat. 2-7 PM
Wed. & Fri. 10-12 PM, 2-7 PM


627 Ayson Building, Ground Floor
Carvajal Street, Binondo, Manila
241-1071 / 242-0480
Tues. & Thurs. 10-6 PM
Sat. 10-1 PM


someone who badly needs skin treatment! Lol! :p said...

where can i visit ur dermatologist? I also need a good one! I want to get rid of all these acne scars. How much did it cost u total? I'm not that rich so i need a budget. Hehe. :p

Btw, i love ur pic. Soo pretty :)

Raleene said...


Edited the post and added the details :)
I don't know the exact amount, just be prepared. Lol. consultation fee alone is 1000 Php.

Anonymous said...

How did your derma treat your backne!! I'm suffering from some right now and I don't know how to get rid of it :( Is there a cream or ointment that I can buy and use?

Raleene said...

She made me use dandruff shampoo with a loofah- weird, but it really worked! Some treatments may not work on others because it really depends on the acne that's appearing. Consult a dermatologist to get good treatment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raleene! does Dra. Creates her own meds/products or does she just give prescriptions and sell commercialized products? I am really curious about it, I was looking for a good dermatologist then I saw your blog :) anyway are you still visiting her and using her products I've been to different dermatologist before some of them are really pricey but all they do is give me harsh products and trigger my pimples I used to have a good derma but she migrated in the U.S thats why I really need a good derma thanks in advance by the way you look awesome :)

Raleene said...

Anon 9:23- She makes her own formulations/meds. I don't go to her anymore since my skin's gotten a lot better and I rarely break out now. You should pay her a visit if you're looking for a good derma! I still recommend her to my friends :)