Monday, February 22, 2010

Lunch at Mr.Jones

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my cousin's Sarsi float and my ice cold water. Today was a suuuper hot day!
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Riz's strawberry iced tea :)
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The only salad in their menu- Garden Greens. For Mr. Jones's healthy friends! :))
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Ooohyeah, truffled mac n' cheese!
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My cousin's the only meat eater so she got this- tapa overload!

Lots of people have been raving about this new diner called Mr.Jones at Greenbelt 5. Every time we drop by to have dinner there we end up being on a loooong wait list so in the end we always give up and go to another restaurant. Luckily they're not as packed during lunch on weekdays so we got a table, but we still had to sit outside. Super hot weather + leatherette seats DO NOT mix well. LOL. The place was super cute, too! Mr. Jones is by the same people who's responsible for my other favorite restaurant, Chelsea.

Everything we ordered tasted real good! It's just sad that this resto isn't very vegetarian-friendly (not much choices for us in the menu). We had to request for them to take away the bacon in their mac n' cheese, but it was still super good. Truffle in mac n' cheese! How exciting is that?! Their tapa was soo tasty according to my cousin, but she was just disappointed at how much fat they included in the slices.

Would love to try out their desserts, potato wedges and milkshakes next time!


-All photos taken with my LX3.-

forgive me for shakin the camera too much. i was trying to be... stealthy. heheee

Whenever the beau comes to town it's mandatory that I finish all my plates/designs early so I can have the weekend free with him and some other friends. I always look forward to such weekends! Nowadays I don't force myself to go out on weekends unless I have friends visiting. I feel so guilty whenever I go out because of the pile of work I have to do and the energy I waste. :)) And NO- I will not say that this is a result of getting old. Eeep.

The beau organized a get-together for his brother to meet some of his fans (LOL) last Friday at Mario's. It was a pretty interesting night since that was when I realized that he was getting recognized by a lot of people already. Everywhere we went- from the nearest 7/11, gas station and grocery store to get some drinks for the condo- people would come up to him, say hi or ask for a picture. Funny how reality shows can make people gain sooo much popularity over a span of 6 months. Even when he was late for the guest list at the club, he got in for free and was told that he didn't have to pay cos he was a "celebrity". Oh gosh those words just send some really bad pulses up my spine. LMAO.

Saturday was pretty chill- chillin at the condo and bein a doggy-sitter. Twix is just too cute and now I reaaallyyy want my own little pup already. It's gotta be a Yorkshire terrier OR a teacup pomeranian. My apartment's small and I want one I can bring inside malls.

Sunday- watched Wolfman. I was expecting more from it but it turned out to be... BLAH. I want to watch a really awesome movie soon! ALICE! Hopefully my uncle will organize a premiere showing somewhere. Heeheeee :)
This weekend Riz and I are gonna be in Cebu to perform during Centre for International Education's annual school production entitled FYI. Hopin to see a lot of familiar faces! Will be flying out immediately after school (hopefully my professor will allow me to defend my design on his lunch break eeeeep!) so expect the usual haggard face on stage! LOL

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More pics from last Saturday

All photos taken by Prinz Pollescas :)



Just saw a couple of pics from our shoot two weeks ago. So excited for the project launching this April!

Riz and I will be performing in Cebu next weekend. Can't wait! I miss my island paradise :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

PBB Big Date on the Big Night + Valentines Day

Wore falsies two nights in a row.
Almost forgot how heavy false lashes can get... Nobody else noticed them so I'm pretty sure I won't be wearin false lashes again in the near future :))
Gettin interviewed

World-renowned Charice
Cuuute gowns! (they changed thrice)



I loved this gown
Nise, Tito Pio, tita Mimi on stage with PJC who won 2nd!
Denise, Richie, Erica and Milay.... "OMG we all match, this is embarrassing." me: "It's okay!"
them: "You're saying that cos you're not in blue!"
-I was in blue.... breton stripes. HEHE :P

Congratulations to Paul Jake for being the second placer in this year's Pinoy Big Brother Double Up! I can't believe PBBDU is over! That was the first reality show I've ever finished.

Since his parents had to stay with ABSCBN over dinner/a meeting, the rest of us headed to Cafeteria at the Fort to eat dinner (laaaate dinner- 1AM!) and get a couple of drinks. We wanted to go to Distillery at Jupiter after that but the space was too small to accommodate us.

*Chuvaness/Miss C did a post about PJC here.


A few hours after I got home last Saturday- this greeted me early in the morning! Riz and Paulo barged in my room with breakfast. So sweet! I understand a lot of people had to be bothered to complete my Vday breakfast, which is kinda embarrassing but I still think it was sooo nice of people to help him out (since I was with him the day before and he couldn't buy all the ingredients with me around). Funniest

The rest of the day was spent at home, snoozing, watching movies, snoozing again, eating, snacking...
If this wasn't a long distance thing, I'd be a WALRUS, seriously!