Sunday, February 7, 2010

Each moment is new, freeze the moment. Each moment is cool, freeze the moment.

Saturday at Encore (formerly known as Embassy Superclub)

We had a photo shoot with Jeanne Young!!!
Risa de Sagun of Bend and Snap getting her makeup done
BJ after the shoot
Joseph Pascual of OtherJoseph and LJ outside Barcino, The Fort

Sunday at Cubao Expo

My sneakerbooties + patterned stockings from Urban Outfitters
Risa's cute heels
Pretty Risa!
BJ trying to beat the LSS to Manny Villar's campaign jingle by playing tunes from Joseph's lappytop. Lulz :))
Background for the last scene of the day
Yummy yummy food from Mogwai! Fresh potato chips :)
Tokwa't baboy + itlog maalat (pork and tofu + salted eggs)
Their distressed walls were just awesome.
Liver wrapped in bacon on top of mashed potatoes

Jeanne's camera (Nikon D700)

Last scene/frame included us 4 bloggers. Joseph was the main subject photographing me (singer) with Risa and BJ as the audience.

Tangerine crew + makeup artists and stylists

Had an awesome photo shoot experience with Jeanne Young and 4 local bloggers over the weekend!
Jeanne was so nice, we totally didn't expect that kind of attitude from a big-time photographer.

I can't disclose much about the 2-day shoot but it was for an upcoming project that will involve me, Risa, BJ and Joseph... Tons of outfit changes and fake laughs! Pretty awesome how we all got along so quickly. I guess it's cos we all share the same interests. Will definitely tell you guys more about it once we launch the project. It's pretty exciting and I can't wait for it to start! So happy to be getting the chance to work with other super talented fashion/art bloggers and photographers.



Ana said...

hi! did you use your nikon for these shots?

Raleene said...

I used my Panasonic Lumix LX3 for my Saturday pics and the Nikon D80 for my Sunday pics :)

The camera doesn't matter ;)

Ana said...

I can see that now! :) I really want to fully utilize my camera but I'm a noob when it comes to adjusting camera settings to the shooting environment. =/ Where did you learn how to do this? Experimenting.. reading from a book.. online? I have a G10 that I know I don't get to fully utilize! Ahh! I see your shots and they make me wish I could take better pictures! Must learn the basics first, though.:) lol. Have a nice day!

Raleene said...

Ana- I learned the basics about 6 years ago from a 3-day seminar at the International Academy of Film and Television (otherwise known as Bigfoot) in Cebu. Super basic stuff and I think you can choose not to go through something like that since you can definitely read up on it online! LOL. I learned lots of tips and tricks from my friends and photographers online. Practicing is veryyy important, too. Take every day as an opportunity to shoot and accept photo shoot invites from fellow photographers. Experiment with Photoshop everyday and most importantly, get to know your camera. Read the manual (even just a bit). :)

Ana said...

Thank you soooo much for taking the time to answer my questions and being so patient about it! You've been such a great help! :)

Velire said...

i love the photos ral!! woohoo someone is a busy gal.. :) i totally miss you :) congrats on the errr work with the bloggers :D

Raleene said...

Thanks, Vera! Miss yew! Come visit us sooooon :D