Monday, February 15, 2010

PBB Big Date on the Big Night + Valentines Day

Wore falsies two nights in a row.
Almost forgot how heavy false lashes can get... Nobody else noticed them so I'm pretty sure I won't be wearin false lashes again in the near future :))
Gettin interviewed

World-renowned Charice
Cuuute gowns! (they changed thrice)



I loved this gown
Nise, Tito Pio, tita Mimi on stage with PJC who won 2nd!
Denise, Richie, Erica and Milay.... "OMG we all match, this is embarrassing." me: "It's okay!"
them: "You're saying that cos you're not in blue!"
-I was in blue.... breton stripes. HEHE :P

Congratulations to Paul Jake for being the second placer in this year's Pinoy Big Brother Double Up! I can't believe PBBDU is over! That was the first reality show I've ever finished.

Since his parents had to stay with ABSCBN over dinner/a meeting, the rest of us headed to Cafeteria at the Fort to eat dinner (laaaate dinner- 1AM!) and get a couple of drinks. We wanted to go to Distillery at Jupiter after that but the space was too small to accommodate us.

*Chuvaness/Miss C did a post about PJC here.


A few hours after I got home last Saturday- this greeted me early in the morning! Riz and Paulo barged in my room with breakfast. So sweet! I understand a lot of people had to be bothered to complete my Vday breakfast, which is kinda embarrassing but I still think it was sooo nice of people to help him out (since I was with him the day before and he couldn't buy all the ingredients with me around). Funniest

The rest of the day was spent at home, snoozing, watching movies, snoozing again, eating, snacking...
If this wasn't a long distance thing, I'd be a WALRUS, seriously!



daphne said...

hahaha!! youre hilarious raleene!! happy valentines day!

Raleene said...

lol miss you Daph! :))

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty!!!
nice photos! Go PJC!