Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's getting sooo hot in the Philippines already!

Quite envious of the cold weather in NY (thanks to the people who tweet a lot about it, LOL) but at the same time I'm really happy we're able to wear breezy tops and cutoffs again (my faaaave thing to wear in the world). Quite obsessed over wedge sandals, too. Hopefully I can find really pretty ones like these. And oh, went shoe shopping with a couple of friends last week and got those babies from Aldo at 50% off! Amazing. They're so comfy that I never realized they were almost 5 inches high! Woah.


W said...

thanks! if you believe in what it means you should get it too x

ohhhh and i love your shoes & completely jealous of the heat there.. i'm in louisiana and it's snowing. wtf. haha..

Raleene said...

Thank you! Well at least u can put on multiple layers of cute clothes :) I've never experienced snow! :)