Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ray ain't dead.

Thiiiis close til I'm free!

Currently finishing a gazillion plates for school, sleep-deprived and cramming. This Friday I'm submitting everything and I'm off to Cebu the next morning to spend Holy Week there with la familia (for the first time in my entire life! lol).

I've been working of tons of things that aren't school-related as well and will be updating you guys about it...

I've been living in a bubble, avoiding any form of communication with the outside world just so I can finish things on time, so yeah I've totally been a boring person these past couple of days (please bear with me).


I'm so pale.


Kryz said...

Whats worse? Not having time to get a tan, or going to the beach 3 times and still looking as pasty as ever? haha I hate my damn white pigments!

Anonymous said...

how do you do your eyebrows? They're amazing.

Aisa.Paxie said...

Missed your posts dear! :) Love your photos and outfits!:)

BTW, I tagged you for the Sunshine Award. :) Got tagged, now I'm tagging you:)

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Love, love!:)