Monday, March 8, 2010

Velvet Oscars Tribute

with Issa and Natasha
Chrisla Dahl

Isa Suarez and Princess "Baretz" Barretto
BJ Pascual and Baretz
BJ getting interviewed by Velvet
Titanic... This won best photography.
I loved this one, too... Bea Soriano and Belle Daza.
This was BJ's entry... Kim Chui and Marc Nelson for Memoirs of a Geisha. Zero editing and raw, I loved it! Made it stand out amongst the sea of heavily-photoshopped photographs. It was also Mark Nicdao's favorite. Good job, BJ!
the photographer, designer Ziggy Savella and stylist Edlzs Mejia
Photobooth funnnn

BJ invited us to attend the Velvet Oscars Tribute at the Ayala Museum last Thursday (March 4). They have a yearly exhibit of stars modeling for the country's well-known photographers depicting different movies that have won several awards at the Oscars. The photographs were so beautiful and a lot of stars graced the event. The set-up was pretty but the photos were mounted on several locations so the lights were all over the place, which made venue scorching hot. We kept going out to take a breather and we stayed behind the dividers to keep away from the lights.

They had delicious h'orderves, overflowing champagne and wine the entire night, plus they handed out sets of postcards with all the photos that were exhibited. It was a great event and I'm looking forward to the next one!


BJ Pascual said...

YAAAY!!! Thank you so much for coming! Next time ulit! Fun!

Raleene said...

Next year! woohoo!