Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holy week

This is why I decided I couldn't waste time taking photos. Paradise!♥ (shot with my Lumix LX3)

our first Cebu gig
Gig shots by Inez Moro

Spent holy week with the family at the Imperial Palace. The place was awesome, so I didn't want to bring around my huge camera with the risk of getting it wet. I figured that this was my chance to take a break from even more editing, plus I was able to spend quality time with my parents and siblings.

Rizza and I also got invited to play at the original Mooon Cafe at Guadalupe. Traveled all the way back to Cebu to perform. We sang about 25 songs, and it was quite a challenge! We usually play about 3-6 songs here in Manila, so we were so shocked when they told us that the whole night was for us! So happy of the great turnout. Monique de los Santos also dropped by and we got to hear some of her originals. Riz and I love performing and we hope we get to do this more often!

The only thing that sorta troubled me during my stay was the effect that hard water left on my skin. I now understand why I developed a case of skin asthma during my teenage years... Cebu has hard/limestone water and it can make your skin really dry. Apparently I wasn't used to that anymore, so my skin asthma/eczema started coming back. Good thing I brought along some medication which helped soothe the itching. Chlorine from the pool made my face super red and dry as well. What's worse is that I tried getting a facial from Belo Medical Group in Ayala Terraces the day before heading to the resort, so that made my skin extra sensitive. I'm sorry but I've decided that I'm never getting a facial from them again. Aside from my skin taking a whole week to recuperate from the red spots (they said the redness would subside overnight!), I didn't see a significant improvement on its texture. I think it's best if I just rely on the peels/light facials that I get from my dermatologist everytime I visit her (once every 2-3 months). My skin was fine to begin with, I really don't know why my mom decided to book me for a facial at Belo. I guess she just wanted to try it- she was late so her appointment was scrapped. After my experience, she said she isn't planning on giving it a try.

Maybe their full facial works for other people. I'm not trying to say that they suck. I guess full facials/extractions aren't for me... My experience at their clinic was actually excellent. It's just really the after-effects of the facial that made it bad (my skin is super sensitive). I'm looking into the other skin care services they have...

I spent the rest of the week catching up with tons of friends. Also made it a habit to hit the gym with the beau. My friend Steven and I went to a studio and recorded 4 tracks (just me on vocals and him on the piano= jazzy tunes!). I left the CD and I had it mailed to me 2 days ago. Will be posting the mp3s soon!

So far, my break has been very memorable, and it's just starting. Feeling so blessed again with my family and friends.



Anonymous said...

guenaelle vous avez une voix formidable je vous admire beaucoup. mon mari fait de la musique aussi.nous sommes en france a paris et ce serait super de faire un featuring avec mon mari qi est aussi accoustique.en tout cas je vous embrasse tres fort ,que Dieu vous protege.continuez c'est un vrai plaisir de vous entendre.empire states de alicia keys est ma preferee

Raleene said...

Je vous remercie! Dû traduire votre commentaire en utilisant Google. Désolé, je ne peux pas comprendre le français. Quoi qu'il en soit, je suis content que vous appréciez notre musique! Espérons que votre mari a une page YouTube trop pour que nous puissions vérifier sa musique ... :)