Sunday, April 11, 2010


-all photos stolen from Prince & Denise-

Last March 27, I made sure to bring only light clothes since I knew that it was gonna be super hot and humid in Cebu. My suitcase was filled with skirts, cutoff shorts, swimsuits and breezy tops. So sorry to say that yes, I fail in fashion during summer... As much as I'd love to dress up on my break, it's getting too hot to layer and bother too much about what to wear. Plus I haven't had time to shop in weeks cos of school. I missed shopping so much but I found that my wallet benefited from it greatly.

The day after arriving in Cebu, I was told that there was gonna be a homecoming party for PJC. I thought it was gonna be an intimate occasion, but I was wrong... What a bad time to dress down and not wear makeup! LOL.But seriously though, the weather was so bad and found myself sweating inside the malls. The news predicted that pretty soon the temperature's gonna rise up to 40deg. celsius! That's like the room temperature at Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) sessions!

The party was so fun, with lots and lots of Cebuanos! A great way to start my last summer break :)

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