Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last few days of school

Some of my last few plates for Color Rendering II

Mixed media (soft pastels + markers + coloured pencils)
coloured pencils
mixed media again
things I passed on the last day

A lot of people assume that Interior Design is just "some art course". Soooo wrong. Those plates (coined term for our homework/outputs) are the easiest ones we have to do... But it's not even as easy as it looks. You'd have to spend at least 5 hours on each one of them. And now the standard size for each of the plates we have to submit is 20"x30". You really can't take up Interior Design if your heart isn't really into it. It's not easy and it's hella stressful. Think architecture with color- technical but very artsy fartsy. Why else would there be a licensure examination if it was just all about drawing and coloring whatever? We also have to read and memorize a lot of things. We have a couple of business subjects, too, since we're gonna be hired for our skill/talent, products and services (we have to be well-equipped with entrepreneurial skills so as not to be easily duped). Our professor even warned us during the first day of our basic term that we were gonna be involved in the 3rd most stressful profession. SCARED. But at the same time, excited! :))

So I spent my the last 3 days of school finishing all my final rendering plates. Was awake for 48 hours straight and finally decided I need to rest for about an hour on the 3rd night before finishing up on the remaining plates. I sorta have a feeling that I have to get used to this. This was my last "basic" term and I have 3 months off (WOOHOOOO!) before I start with my "advanced" subjects. According to the older students, it's gonna be LIKE FINALS WEEK EACH WEEK. Oh. My. Goodness... I vow to enjoy my 3 months of freedom cos it's my last summer ever til I graduate on October 2011. Plus I think I'm gonna be stuck in school til 2012 cos of board reviews + examinations.

So yeah, just wanted to post some of our rendering plates since I've never posted anything school-related in a long time, plus most people don't realize that I'm taking up BS-Interior Design.


ge said...

wow, great job on those plates! i DO have an impression that it's easy peasy. good thing you said "architecture with colors" lol no wonder you're "ranting" on twitter, 5 hours each?! you have ALL the right!

actually, i wanted to take up interior design x-years ago. but ended up with PSYCH then COMMERCE since parentals didn't allow me to study in manila. i actually got a slot in UST!! oh well... :((

Mary said...


Raleene said...

ge: me too, so i was so bummed at first when i didn't feel any challenge (cos i chose that over civil engineering). but when i started taking my majors, i was like OK OK I WAS WRONG! haha. im loving my course though... it feels like my profession will give me a sense of fulfillment in the future, plus i can't wait to start earning so i can finally design my dream home! :P 5 hours each for the easy plates, and the full rooms can take 1-3 days!!! oh well. i know so many people who quit interior design in ust, and in my school, less than half make it to advance :P

mary: :)

Iris said...

Hi Raleene! Iris here, saw you and your sister from Music Uplate Live so I searched for you guys on the net. Then I stumbled on this blog of yours and learned we're both interior design students! Cool. What year are you? And btw, I'm from UST. Incoming junior.