Tuesday, April 27, 2010


For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to change my YahooMail password since I noticed that I couldn't get into my Facebook account anymore... Being the Facebook addict that I am, I quickly noticed so I refreshed all my passwords and transferred my Facebook e-mail to my gmail account. My Yahoo account's password still kept changing so I concluded that someone was messing with it... For a few months, I slowly stopped using Y!messenger cos I didn't have enough time to entertain anyone who started a convo with me.

When I went to Guangzhou last Thursday, I learned that the great firewall of China blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogger so the only way I could communicate with people was through my Y!messenger account. The hotel we went to didn't have Wifi, too. We had to use LAN but it didn't matter since we were at the convention center the entire day. They had WiFi there so I was able to chat using my iPhone for a bit while going around...

I still kept getting signed off, so yeah I accepted the fact that it was hacked, but I just didn't have the time and patience to use my iPhone and fix everything. I was sooo happy that I got to chat with my "boyfriend" for 2 days while in the convention, and I spent so much time chatting while walking around since that was the only way I could talk to someone to keep myself from going nuts during the trip (LOL I love my online accounts).
ON THE SECOND NIGHT, I tried to continue my conversation through Y!M by connecting to the internet through LAN at the hotel. I also managed to webcam with my "boyfriend" and although he wasn't able to use his webcam and mic (he blamed the firewall from preventing me to see or hear him plus he said his Skype or Macbook might be "bugged"), I continued to say hi and stared at the camera...

AND THEN MY REAL BOYFRIEND CALLED ME... I was sooo happy, and the conversation went something like this:

me: "OMG HIIIII! Why'd you call me? We can just keep chatting, this call will cost a lot!"
him: "What??? Aren't you happy to hear my voice? And hey I haven't talked to you since you left for China!"
me: "What do you mean? You're chatting with me on Y!m now!"
him: "No I'm not!" -- i can hear him parking his car
me: "SHIT!!!!!!!!"

At this point I demanded the faker to reveal his true identity (I KNOW IT'S STUPID, I WAS SHOCKED AND TRAUMATIZED, YOU CAN'T BLAME ME), and he kept typing "what do you mean?" He finally ended the convo when I said that I was talking to the real Paulo on the phone.

What he did was create two fake accounts using Paulo's Y!M ID, but he added an extra letter/vowel so I wouldn't notice... Plus I discovered that the real account was on my ignore list on Yahoomessenger! Wow. I was so surprised at how quick he was able to make the Skype account as well-- I waited for him to "fix" his Skype while I was taking a break at the convention, just cos I wanted to talk and see my beau! Good God... This weirdo was looking at me the whole time!

How would YOU feel if a crazed person such as this fooled you into thinking that he/she was someone close to you for two full days? Imagine, this could've went on longer if Paulo didn't make that long distance call! And oh, he pretended to be SICK so I wouldn't notice that it took him a while to reply to each message- and so I wouldn't notice that his style of chatting was different! He is a maniac too, he freakin said things like "I need you to take care of me, my sexy nurse!" OMG X 1,000,000! Of course if he was my real boyfriend I'd think that he was only kidding! But how would you feel if you realised that this guy was a COMPLETE STRANGER and you don't even know how the hell he looks like!

I am still angry, shocked, traumatized and scared about this whole incident... According to my friends, my Y!M account still keeps signing in and out. I was in China and couldn't go online cos I kept going around the 3 buildings (Canton Fair). My mom was with me so she should know!

It's all so weird!!! I was being sweet, sharing my experience and having a looooooong conversation with this complete stranger who pretended to be Pau! I HOPE THE HACKER WHO STOLE MY ACCOUNT DIDN'T CHAT WITH ANYONE ELSE OR THIS DOUCHEBAG! I WONDER HOW THEIR CONVERSATION WOULD END UP LIKE! OMG!!!

Please, do not entertain "ral_joyce" on Yahoo Messenger. And if ever that video chat of me gets released somewhere, GAHHHH! Don't get fooled!

Okay, I just had to let everything out... Sheesh.

I'm okay now. I'm in Manila again and I've made a new account for Yahoo. Friends, please send me an SMS or message me on Facebook for my new one :D

Lesson learned, moving on.



ge said...

wtf, that's freaking scary!!

Anonymous said...

What a creep!!!!
Hope you're alright!

That someone must really like you.
But geez, that's just crazy!

C said...

Oh god. What a nightmare!!!!! I'd be totally freaked out if that happened to me... I'm glad you figured everything out!!!

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. Angry and traumatized is an understatement. I can imagine how you feel. I shudder at the thought of it happening to me, lalo pa kaya ikaw. *shudders*

Raleene said...

if only i could post the stuff we talked about- gosh he convinced me that he was my beau!!! I didn't notice anything except that he called me "raleene"- my bf or anyone close to me would call me Ral or Ray!

HELLA creepy. I swear!!!! You guys better be careful, too!

M.P. said...

Change your security questions to something only YOU would know. Never use your parents' birthplace as a secret question- or your pet's name, or the first street you've ever lived on... Matter of fact, do not use the security questions they provide. Always make your own security question. Think about it... if I know you well enough, or if I do my "research" well enough, I'd be able to answer most of those security questions.

Also, I don't think your hacker is a complete stranger to you. And obviously, the main reason they hacked you is your boyfriend. Why else would this person go to great lengths of making a fake acct similar to your bf's, and blocking his REAL acct, then chatting with you?

Sad to say, but chances are... this person is a female, and was either an ex-gf or someone currently obsessed with him... and is now obsessing over you!

I've been there (hacked) so I know... But I was able to figure out who my "hacker" was through her IP address... It was an ex-bf's current gf (at that time). She was stupid enough to send an email using my acct and didn't delete it from the outbox.

I hope this helps a lot. Again, change your security questions, then change your password. Also, check to make sure that the alternate email you have on file for that acct is legit (exists and is yours, and is not inactive).

I've been a follower and a big fan of yours for some time now. Stay pretty and focused. Great job on everything, and good luck. :)

micoteneal (mi.co.te.neal) said...

Well that's REAL SCARY! "They" are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Really lesson learned here, but good for you that you caught that faker dude... your beau save you on that one, that's really crazy and nasty for someone to do that kind of stuff, its God's good will also for you not to be put on greater danger.
Its always safer to double check on someones identity b4 having a private conversation:)
Take care:) and good luck on that future corporation:)