Friday, July 23, 2010

2nd Music Uplate Live appearance tomorrow!

Hey guys! We were invited to perform some of our songs again tomorrow for MUSIC UPLATE LIVE. They’re doing a “Break Mo ‘To” rewind and the show will be on ABS-CBN at around 1:20 AM (technically Saturday morning. LOL).

Hope you can catch the show! If you can’t stay up too late for it, you can always see it online like our last one since they upload the episodes a few days after airing it.



αвву M. said...

wow! nice! i wanna watch it :o .. u guys are such good singers! :)
do i have to be a member of tfcnow? x)

Raleene said...

You can watch it here! :)

Anonymous said...

hey there..i wanna watch your 1st Music Uplate appearance (i already watched the 2nd one) can you give me the exact url og the video? thanks :)

Raleene said...

They take down the really old episodes from the TFC site, but Riz and I are trying to upload that episode soon. Friends gave us copies of it and we're gonna post it soon! :)