Saturday, July 3, 2010

get back on track!

I'm back on Lookbook and Chictopia after a loooong hiatus! :))

I feel like a total newb! Seriously, I have to get back to hyping, commenting and giving away chic votes!

I have about 95 photos to post from the Bench Uncut denim + underwear fashion show... Please be patient as I am trying my best to enhance the photos... We were at the first row of the Patron seats so we had THE BEST view of the models! Thanks to Sam for giving away her extra tickets so PJC could hand them over to Paulo and I! Had a great time and I can't wait to share with you the rest of the photos. I've managed to post some of them on my Tumblelog :)


Michelle Elaine said...

i need to be more active on my chictopia :/


Ayden said...

Do you actually have a lookbook account?

Raleene said...

Michelle Elaine: Same here! I was so active a year ago...

Ayden: Yes I've linked the word "lookbook" to my account, and there's a widget on the sidebar of my blog to my LB as well :)