Monday, July 12, 2010


Opening act- South Border and Nina (not pictured)
The lighting was just too awesome.

The dancers' bodies were just amazing! Sick moves, too!
I thought I was never really an Usher fan, but turns out I knew the lyrics to almost all of his songs. This makes me feel old. At first I thought Paulo loved him more than I did- he kept watching videos of his concerts on YouTube (mostly cos of his dance routines) plus some other covers of his songs... Cos of that, he's been forcing Riz and I to do a cover of "OMG". But there's just too many up on YT. Riz and I are still thinking about it. It's been a while since we've done a mainstream R&B song.
It rained a bit during the event, but thankfully it didn't continue to become a heavy downpour. I sorta knew it was gonna drizzle a bit- so I ditched the makeup and opted to just do my brows and curl my lashes. But I was surprised to see some girls toting their designer bags to the concert, and some even wore killer heels. They were prolly heading straight to the afterparty? LOL. We decided not to go since we were beat by the end of the night. Had too much to do that day...
Overall the concert wasn't as wild as the others I've been to, but it was still awesome!!! Even if the stage wasn't so massive, the great vocals + siiiick dance routines made up for the pricey tickets.

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