Monday, July 26, 2010


Saturday- Lunch with Mia and Jimmy at Bonifacio High Street
(Chelsea Market/Cafe + Sonja's Cupcakes)

Mia's salad

A close-up of my favorite sandwich.

Cuppycakes!!! <3>

Toms and Sperrys! <3>

Had this at home- Laing + Margherita Pizza from Sandy's Pizza (new fave pizza place)

Saturday- Manila Yacht Club for Sam's going-away party and Riel's birthday party + Republiq with Mia, Jimmy, Matteo, Aivan and Pia!

Grabbed these pics

Sunday- family day
Tagaytay + Church Simplified + Bonifacio High Street

Took this photo of Riz with my iPhone 3Gs. Turned out pretty cool!

Finally got the flats I wanted during the Zara sale! Only 2 pieces left, one in my size... It was totally calling me!

Onion rings from Army Navy

Their Freedom Fries are TDF!

Veggie Burrito

Dad's pocket charger saved my iPhone from dying inside the van. Traffic was heavy cos of the typhoon and we were stuck, but thankfully his mobile WiFi kept us entertained...

Flourless Chocolate Cake from Cafe Xocolat! (Serendra, Bonifacio High Street)

"Original Sin" brownie a la mode!

"That Chocolate Cake"

What Riz and father got... I got some hot "skinny" xocolat

Bebo + Nikki sang so well during church service!

Robin + Bebo

Obsessing over the powder-blue nail lacquer from Dashing Diva. I want to find one by O.P.I. or Chanel!

It rained really hard today but I didn't get to dress for the weather since it was too sunny when we had just left for Tagaytay. Wasn't shivering, though. Can you say,insulation? :))

Dad's thin Salmon slices

Riz looks Japanese!
Funny how the peeps at the Green Giant FM contest said that she had "her own style"- and she quickly said that I was her stylist... I think the way I dress down has influenced her in a way (denims, very laid-back tops and layering), but honestly, I'm not so proud of that! I think I even have to put more effort in the way I dress, but I refuse not to cos I'm trying to prioritize other things and set fashion on the side just a bit...

Rizza's fish fillet + mashed potatoes

I pretty much wolfed down this entire pizza :)

Quick stop to Healthy Options

My weekend turned out to be so fun, with friends visiting from different cities and friends holding parties for their last day in the city... Found myself pigging out once again after finding out that I was below the recommended BMI for my height- but later realized that I was trying to gain it back THE WRONG WAY. I need to gain me tons of muscle and lose all the remaining flab. I guess I'm eating healthily, but I allow myself to indulge in the bad things (pizza, cake, fried food) when the weekend comes. I think I have to remind myself that I can only completely pig out once a week! Riz just rolls her eyes whenever I keep screaming out "I'm soooo hungry" minutes after my last meal, but dad keeps tellin me it's fine cos I need the energy for school, work and my workouts.

Do you guys find yourself eating more after increasing the intensity of your workouts??? I know I have to be eating less for my weight, but others say that I should be eating more for energy. I don't trust anything from the internet now since different sites state different things, so I think I'm better off asking YOU guys for help.... HELP! :P

On a side note, we finally made a Facebook page for WALKIE TALKIES! Like it and be one of the cool ones :)


Anonymous said...

raleene! how come i can't ask you questions in formspring anymore? i need to stay anonymous :> :>

btw, you're really good with taking pictures! how did you learn? do u know a site so that i could also learn myself? and do u know how much a nikon 18-55mm lens cost?

which is better, nikon or canon? sorry if u keep getting these questions...

and is nikon d40 okay?

Anonymous said...

and another question ms ral, where do u think can i sell my nikon d40 besides friends? how much do you think they'll buy it from me? thanks :)

Raleene said...

I think u can still ask me questions on my formspring while staying anonymous... Cos people can still ask me anonymously! LOL... Check my page, they're mostly anon...

I learned through friends and through practice... There are so many FORUMS online about photography, they help out a lot... Just keep reading...

I don't know how much an 18-55mm costs. Sorry!

I'm a Nikon girl so I'll definitely go for Nikon, but Canon's not bad as well...

A d40 is a good entry-level cam...

You can sell your old cameras in any of those camera stores in Hildalgo Street, Quiapo... I'm not sure how much they'll give you for it, though... Good luck!