Friday, July 2, 2010

What A Girl Wants pre-fall catalogue shoot

Olga Morilez
Cielo Ramirez
Sara Rezaeian
Steven Medalle

Styling by Gillian Uang and Kryz Uy
Hair & Makeup by Pops Capul
Shot outside the What A Girl Wants office
tools: Nikon D80 + my cheapass reflector :))

Took some shots for Gerry Meeda's collab with Kryz as well:


Unknown said...

wait what catalog is this for cause some of those pieces really intrigue me!


Raleene said...

What A Girl Wants

Kristine said...

Hi Raleene! Hope its alright we used your photo for the WAGW post at the site from Kryz's PR :) Love the shots!

Raleene said...

Hey Kristine! I think it's Kryz you should ask if you want to use the photos... It's okay with me if you just credit me as the photographer. Thanks! :)