Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bench Uncut 2010: denim + underwear fashion show- PART 2

View part 1 HERE

This post is WAAAY OVERDUE. But I guess it's very timely that I only had the chance to edit/post these when I needed some fitness inspiration or thinspiration... I am SO determined to get back on my fitness wagon after recovering from colds, major sleep deprivation and pizza-bingeing! Okay, not gonna totally give up on my favorite vegetarian meals but I'll prolly have to learn portion control.

New exciting and not-so-exciting things comin up for me, and I just NEED to discipline myself even more. Wish me luck! xxoo


Anonymous said...

OMG. LOLZ. I didn't expect to like it since the models are half dressed. But let me say, those underwears are fashionable. :D


Melai said...

Hi Raleene :)
Nice meeting you! Following you now :) Hope to see you in another event :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Raleene said...

Hazel- my photos dont do them justice! Was at the right side (patron) so we were quite low even if we were situated right in front of the stage. plus only got to use my digicam... the pieces were awesome!!!! the designers did a great job.

melai- likewise! hope to see u soon :) it was fun!