Monday, August 9, 2010

gloomy days, sunny dispositions.

August 6 (Friday)- Club Republiq @ Resorts World

Mosh & I

with Pia and Ianna

August 07 (Saturday)- Chelsea Market & Cafe + Cultural Center of the Philippines + Manor Superclub

"Chelsea Greek" salad
"Chelsea Greek" salad

mom's salmon

some pasta with sausage/meatballs

banana cream cake
Banana Cream Cake

sugar-free Tiramisu
sugar-free tiramisu

outside the theatre after watching the classic, "CATS"

August 8 (Sunday)- Word Community Church + Chelsea Market & Cafe

Getting interviewed after performing for "An Unstoppable Force" at the Word Community Church.

Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Chelsea Market & Cafe)

Every Filipino's childhood fave- ChocNut!

yummy risotto balls

*Since I sold my LX3, the ff. photos were taken using the Canon Ixus 130... I'm pretty impressed with the clarity!*

Started my weekend by having lunch at Chelsea Market & Cafe for the nth time, but went to their new-ish branch at the Podium (which is nearer to my place). Tried out new dishes with mum and Paulo and enjoyed their food, as always! Then at night, we headed to Republiq for our first "Soiree"/Friday experience which was tons of fun! They played hip-hop during Fridays and the crowd was... younger.

Got to watch Tekken last Saturday (I'm not gonna comment any further, LOL) then rushed to the Cultural Center of the Philippines to watch the classic CATS musical. It was really long but enjoyed it so much. Was very proud to see the only Filipino, Lea Salonga, sing our favorite tune from the play (Memory). Went to Attica and then Manor with the guys shortly right after.

Sunday wasn't quite as "lazy" as I wanted it to be. Got up early and had brunch with the guys, then went to Greenhills and joined my family at Chili's before going to the Word Community Church, where a Christian convention called "An Unstoppable Force" took place. It's a 3-day event and our church was involved, so we were asked to perform during the first day. Had so much fun as usual, plus got positive feedback about our music. YAY! :) Mum and brother had to leave after our first song to catch their flight to Cebu, though. Had dinner with father at- you guessed it-Chelsea. Lovely way to end my weekend!

Mum and I are now contemplating on whether or not to fly to Singapore to shop for gadgets. Three days away would be perfect. Just got word that the no-plan 32gig iPhone 4 was being sold for SGD $1088 (Php 36,259)- loads cheaper as opposed to the ones being sold here for Php 60,000 since the units are not from Globe/Apple (hasn't been officially launched/released here yet). I also have to buy the Panasonic Lumix LX5. Pre-ordering one here would cost me Php 33,000 (USD $735) and its retail price is supposedly only USD $500+. I'm REALLY appalled at these price differences, so I think buying them from Singapore during a quick vaca would be better. Hope this trip pushes through and my schedule permits. But for me, it would be better if someone else could buy them (during their SG trip) since I really can't afford to sacrifice days, leaving my work/school work here in Manila. Hmm... Hopefully we can find someone to do just that...


Anonymous said...

One again your photos amaze me. xDDDD Yeyyy~! <3 <3

You should definitely buy at Singapore. :) iPhone 4 ey? xDD I'm so excited for you. LOL. <3 <3 <3

Congratulations on the performance by the way. :]

Raleene said...

Thank yewww <3

Anonymous said...

I'm trying my best to avoid food right now, but your food pictures are making that really hard to do! HAHA!

ching said...

such delectable dishes...