Sunday, August 15, 2010

the Great Fashion Finds event at Robinsons Midtown Mall


collage we submitted :)


Shopping and taking photos after eating lunch didn't feel right (*burp), but we had so much fun trying on things!
Notice my half-brown (natural) and half-black (damaged, overly-dyed) mane.
those embroidered shorts- mine! :)

those hotpants- finally mine!

Ana won my mini-contest!

Accessorize gave this as a gift! :)


It was my first time to visit Robinsons Midtown, and I was floored when I first saw it! Their new-ish wing is pretty massive, plus it reminded me of some of the malls I frequent- usually the ones which are spacious, well-lit and had high ceilings (shopping triggers the claustrophobic in me).

Jeffrey Siy invited me to this event and sent me an email a few days ago that Robinsons wanted to promote the free wifi they offered shoppers around the mall (I think every mall should have free wifi! It's usually faster than the wifi you'd get using your phone's service provider). So they asked a couple of lifestyle/fashion bloggers and their readers to experience this first-hand.

We were given a couple of gift cheques and a chance to pick 5 stores to score great "fashion finds". We went to Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Accessorize and then the Department Store.

I was like a young Raleene in a camera shop (lol)- felt SO giddy when I found that their Topshop branch had the hotpants I wanted in MY size! So I ended up buying two pairs before we walked out of the first store. My wallet was spared from the trauma, thanks to the GCs!

Ana happily circled Dorothy Perkins which was more of her style. I felt the hippie-esqe vibe from her the moment I met her, and I was right! She's more of a boho/hippie dresser, and it even shows in her online shop! She gave me a few pieces from her store when we first met that day and opened it just when I arrived home. LOVED all the things inside her goodie bag! It shows that she reads my blog! She gave me a couple of silver rings, a body chain and a hippie band. THANKS A BUNCH, ANA! :)

We also visited Accesorize, and they gave me a gift the moment I walked in. Luckily, it was just what I needed- a coin purse! Right now, all the coins I get for change are just cluttered at the bottom of my huge bag. SO unladylike... So I got a couple of accessories from them, too- including a faux hair braid band in my hair colour!

We were pretty tired when we got to the department store so we decided not to try on their clothes. Had fun browsing through their bags and shoes instead! It's pretty amazing how many brands they carried in one area...

Headed back to our meeting place where all the bloggers had to edit and then post about their fab finds on the Robinsons Malls Facebook page. They also raffled off a lot of prizes. I won a SUN wireless broadband and Ana won even more GCs!

This experience was SO fun. It was my first blogger-related activity, and now I know why people are just so hooked to blogging! When I got home, I checked out some of the girls' sites and it made me feel like I was just so fashionably-inept. *sigh. Gotta admit, I felt like a total noob yesterday, which I think was evident since I wasn't like the extrovert that I usually am (LOL). Now... i just have to figure out a way to follow people and view my list of followers... Wait, don't tell me!!!

And oh, check out the sites of some of the girls I met at the event:


Anonymous said...

why didnt you choose to go to aldo? they have good stuff there! :)

Anagon =) said...

Yehey! :D Thanks so much Raleene! :D I love our photos, and the freebies and foodiesss! ;p Haha! :D

AVA T. said...

i love your entry about the blogger event :) I seriously haven't joined any kind of blogger get together. Looks really fun!:) Ms. Ana is a great pick. I love her sense of style as well and of course her online store, ANAGON!:) you both look awesome.

Love your blog..linked you :)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

Nice meeting you Raleene!!!:) You look like an artista in person ha. haha. Posted our photo here: Hope to see you again soon. ;)


Anonymous said...

Where can I get these shoes?

Raleene said...

Anon 12:32- Aldo wasn't on the list they gave us :)

Anagon- no prob!!!!

Ava- Thank you! :)

Aisa- nice meetin u too!

Anon 3:45- cant view ur link!

Melai said...

Hi Raleene! It was nice meeting you. And I agree with what Pax said. You are just gorgeous :) Super pretty girl :) Are we too loud? NO naman? Haha. Thanks for the linking me in. You don't have to be fashion-outfit blogging it's nice that your blog has variety. Love the photos! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Tin said...

It was nice meeting you, Raleene! I all love your photos. And I super agree with Aisa, you look like an artista in person. <3

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

No harm done! People call me Pax or Aisa:)

Raleene said...

Melai- No u guys weren't too noisy, I'm actually talkative as well but I was kinda shy to butt in, you guys all seem like pros in blogging! :)) And thank you! :)

Tin- aww thank youuu! :)

Anonymous said...

i live near midtown. i got excited when i read that you're gonna go there, i wanna see what you look like in person sana, (no creepy stalking whatsoever, im just curious lang and i totally admire you) but i got caught up with something. sayang!oh well, guess i'll see you na lang in saguijo. ;D god bless! ;)

Anonymous said...

where can we buy those brogue shoes? what brand are they and how much?

Raleene said...

Anon 11:01- see you at Saguijo then :)

Anon 3:55- They're from Steve Madden but I didn't get to check the price, sorry!

Anonymous said...

what are your shoes? jeffrey campbells? omg love

Raleene said...

Anon 8:41- Forever21!