Saturday, August 21, 2010

you've got the moxie

I always torture people (myself included) by posting food pics early in the morning!

(ate at California Pizza Kitchen last Sunday)

-Friday 08.20.10-
After signing up for a major practicum, passing my plates, attending a meeting and performing for our 2nd TV prod this week, Riz and I performed for Kerplunk night at Cafe Saguijo... (photo by Pia Jimenez)

headed to Republiq for Toni's birthday!

Shake what yo mama gave ya! =))

My superfriends from PSID!

Aww I love my eyes here... They look really green!

full house!

Photos stolen from Pia:

pretty lights

I have my own world, and Aivan is feelin the music a little too much! LOL

Kate Torralba was dancin on the ledge! Cute :)

I just realized that I kept doing the duck face (eew) AND my outfit + nail polish were totally screaming out "4th of July". Oh, whatevs. :))

Riz and I performed thrice this week, and had loads of fun even if I didn't get to sleep at all for 3 days (2 consecutive days + 1 off day). I realize that I get asked a lot if I ever get to sleep. The answer of course is YES. I'm amazed that my body can take all the sleep deprivation, but I still know that it's bad for my health. It's a given that we don't get the luxury of sleeping in (or even sleeping at all) thanks to our course, plus mixing in late night gigs and other responsibilities just contribute to my crazy schedule. I LOVE IT, THOUGH.

I've been thinking about all the things that's been going on lately, and I've been feeling so blessed. I guess I just love working and LIVING my life to the fullest. I talked to a friend about being so caught up with work the other day and realized that whenever I'm on vacation, I end up with zero output (plus less blogging/posting) which just makes me sad. It's when I'm on-the-go, stressed, pressured and working that I feel like I'm at my best. That doesn't mean that I don't like getting some R&R. I'm actually craving for a vacation right now, and I hope that this weekend I'll be able to escape and hit the beach!

I've been labeled as a "busy girl" ever since high school. *cue flashback music* I recall being the class president/officer for most of grade school life, plus it was non-stop schoolwork and extra curricular activities in school for me. I guess I was just raised to be this way. I'm glad I was, but at times I wonder how it is to just be carefree and living the simple life. But then again, I know I have that option sometimes (which again makes me thankful to have the choice!). When people ask me how I do it-be super occupied with everything, sleep-deprived and still ready for anything- I guess it's something that you can't learn overnight. And how you treat your body plays a big part as well (working on your fitness regimen and diet). Thankfully I'm not as uptight as I was before college! And I'm pretty sure I'll have more energy if I cut back on the late night-outs with friends (I can't help it- it keeps me sane!).

Some things to look forward to:
Totally attending the 3rd installment of Pecha Kucha night!

SPICE GIRLS NIGHT at Saguijo! We're singing Stop, Too Much and a few of our originals. :)
(And yes, if you're wondering, my friends and I made our own Spice Girls group when we were young, too! I believe I was Baby Spice. OMG! We were first graders, so don't blame me. LOL)

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Aivan Magno said...

Will definitely practice more. My chicken dance is so embarrassing! Hahaha!