Thursday, September 2, 2010

BLANC *edited

Photos by Edric Chen
taken at Pioneer Studios






Click on the names and HYPE our looks on Lookbook! :)

Photos by Edric Chen & PP by Ira Giorgetti
makeup by Ria Redor


Edric invited a couple of us for a fun Lookbook photoshoot last week. A couple of people weren't able to come and it would've been more fun with them- but I must admit, I had so much fun even if only a few of us got our photos taken... I have the least number of fans as compared to everyone else in the bunch, but I guess it's safe to say that I'm fine with that since I RARELY (almost never) post new stuff (hehe). It's amazing how people still manage to hype or subscribe to me... So I'm thankful.

The people in the shoot were familiar faces. I've worked with Edric before (as a co-photographer and posing in front of his lens), as well as the makeup artists. I've also produced a couple of photos for Camille and Kryz for their stores/clothing lines. I know Tricia from the online world and got to meet her years back, crossing paths during shoots and events. As for Ira, it was my first time to meet him, but I knew we had a few (or even more) common friends. He was really nice and of course, dressed really well...

These Lookbook "personalities" are amazing, they excel and are known in their fields (I'm the only one who's still in school), and their Lookbook fame's just a plus. Like me, they endure sleepless nights and their schedule's just unbelievably tight (but I think I still have the worst case of insomnia, hehe). They manage to look amazing and confident in front of the camera even if they each had to squeeze in the shoot to their schedules that day (I was the only one who was "free" if you don't count one small meeting), and that says a lot about them. (This topic deserves another blog entry)

I guess it's safe to say that in the field of art, you sorta have to express yourself with the way you dress in order to be remembered or to create an impact. Now that's not the same as buying expensive clothes or conforming to the newest trends. It's really just a matter of creating your own unique identity and being able to carry yourself well in whatever you wear. It takes time to really know yourself, but it's gotta be one of the most important things you can do in your lifetime. Yes, a lot of people struggle with this (I know I used to & still am, slightly). But I can say that getting to know yourself more helps with being happy. You realize what kind of life you want to experience. We all want some kind of freedom, and at the same time a sense of direction in life.

Read Kryz's post about the shoot HERE (she has BTS photos, too!)

She took these with her new Lumix and asked me for help on how to use it. They look great, Kryz! :)


Mikey Sanchez said...

why are you guys so gorgeous? i hate you. hahahaha

αвву M. said...

wow! so gorgeous pictures!

Raleene said...

Mikey- don't hate! :)) and thanks!

Abby- Thank you :)