Sunday, September 26, 2010

snippy snap

a video by
Inez Moro
featuring an original from the Walkie Talkies- Uncertainties!
Love, love, loooove black and white photos and films! Finally have one with me and Riz in it. Thanks, Inez!!! It was a really quick shoot but we love the outcome! :)

New cover from us!
Spice Girls' "STOP" by
Walkie Talkies :)
been wearin lots of bracelets thanks to Charmed Life


Finally did it.
I've always wanted to chop off my locks since I never had fun with them anyways. Plus I think I'm never gonna get used to the heat in the Philippines! Mum was the one who was so nervous... She even kept my hair! LOL. I just really wanted it short. Issa and I made a deal to get a shocking haircut during her birthday (September) this year... We both did it a few weeks after her birthday, but we both didn't know that we were going to scrap out our original plans and just get a pixie cut! Her plan was to have undercuts on each side of her head but leave the top short, while mine was to shave just one side of my head and leave the other really long (think Alice Dellal).

Wasn't able to check my computer for a couple of days last week, but my friend mentioned that Issa's hair was really short already... Posted a photo of my haircut a few days after sporting it (and it's really better not to post a photo first- the reactions I get from friends- PRICELESS!)and found that the only difference between my cut and Issa's haircut was that she left her bangs flowy, while I chose to style the top a little with some wax! Great minds think alike, eh? :)

We're both liking the short hair... We've had long locks since forever! People here at home all wanna get haircuts now... but nobody wants to cut theirs as short as mine! LOL... I think you should just go for it if you really want to try it out. Quite happy that even my schoolmates think it looks better than my long hair (which I never even combed or styled on a daily basis, oops)... And that I look younger... Well I think I still look old whenever I wear makeup and wear heels. I can't really change much about my manly/strong features. Boo. And oooh, mum keeps saying that it makes me look like a real musician now. Totally LOLd at that comment!!!

And oh, it looks sorta gray-ish on the photo but I'm telling you, it's still my natural hair color. Don't be fooled. AND that video really doesn't do any justice to it... We filmed at around 1 in the morning after our gig at FEU plus a whole day of walking, so excuse its messy state! I love short hairrrr... I'm hoping this'll motivate me to not gain any weight and continue to keep fit. Super low-maintenance, I can mess it up, let people touch it and it would still look fine. Why didn't I do this earlier? More girls should feel this sort of freedom just like guys!!! Was able to reflect on how much money girls have to spend on treatments and hair products... Wow... Never realized all the unnecessary things salons fool us into doing... (not that I hate them, it's nice to get pampered once in a while!)

**Got my first haicut at Emphasis, Rockwell and then convinced mum to allow me to cut it even more right after at Bench Fix, Serendra.



Melai said...

Raleene! Gosh! I love your new do. Long or short, you really rock it! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Raleene said...

Thanks Melai! :D

mish said...

you look gorgeous with your hair. it reminds me of the time i cut my hair super short. people freaked when they saw it. but i said it will grow back. :)

Raleene said...

thanks, mish! yeap, hair grows back... and i dont think im gonna be sporting super long locks anytime soon. im havin fun styling short hair now :))

Eizel Nocon said...

Hey Raleene! I love the song, the video, and the hair!!!

SoulePhenomenon said...

I AM LOVING THE PIXIE CUT!!! Suits you best Babe! =) Now I am thinking to have the same cut too! haha!

*Following your blog!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this do is so edgy! :) I will say that not everyone can sport hair as short as you have it!

Dina said...

love your singing!!
would love to hear you sing Just The Way You Are. the full song :D

Kristine said...

Wow! Jaw-dropping your voice is! :) Saw you at the Preview 15, was too shy to even say hi hihi :) You look great with the 'do.