Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the Social Network



Watch the trailer here.

Heard about this movie a year ago and I really couldn't wait to see it after watching the trailer...

It's about how Mark Zuckerberg was able to start his own social networking site from his college dorm in Harvard. Being an antisocial computer programming genius that he was, the site quickly earned thousands of hits during its first few days. As of today, it's as if almost everyone can't live without a Facebook account. Mark became the youngest billionaire and earned 500 million friends. But with success, it's impossible not to lose a few friends along the way...

Saw him appear on Oprah last weekend and I was so surprised that he was able to maintain a simple lifestyle. He didn't live inside a mansion, and he's married to a girl who he met before he built Facebook. I really wanna know his entire story now!

I'm looking for people to watch this movie with me this coming Saturday (October 2) at 1PM... It'll be at the Columbia Pictures private theater on the 5th floor of Shangri-la Plaza mall. It's free and all you have to do is blog about getting to watch it early so more people will be willing to see it when it premieres on October 27 here in the Philippines!

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Anonymous said...

im not a blogger but i posted it already in my fb account so my friends will be aware :D

Raleene said...

Thank you :)