Thursday, October 21, 2010

first few vlogs from us!

First time we used the Flip Mino HD given by
Flip PH was during a typical Wednesday... We regularly attend Church Simplified at Bonifacio High Street and on this day, we were tasked to perform again before the church service itself... Then comes the randomness around Serendra... Had frozen yogurt, dropped by Agave cos it was Tina's aunt's birthday (they asked us to perform a few songs again before we made her sing, lol) and then recorded some more minutes before heading home.

Taken at Old Swiss Inn where Rizza forced all of us to tag along so she could eat after our gig one Friday night at Ludos in Timog... We drove all the way to Makati and met up with Robin.

We've been having so much fun recording with the Flip, and successfully uploaded some of the trimmed videos the other night. At last, our internet connection's slightly better. I know everyone's been experiencing problems with their connections and most of us are blaming the weather. Cables and whatnots are damaged cos of the heavy winds during storms. Oh wellz.

Don't mind our spazzed-out selves during both of these videos... We're always sleep-deprived and we'd usually feel our brains floating, so yes, we're more hyper than this on normal days.

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