Monday, October 25, 2010

Foodtrippin on a Saturday at Salcedo

Finally got to meet our long-time online friend, Tin! She had a shawarma.

Issa had a shawarma, too!

I had some super delish eggplant lasagna! The ladies at the booth commented that they loved my hair and makeup... Which is quite a compliment since the makeup look I had on was my everyday/rushed makeup routine :D

Issa captured me powdering my nose... I love Make Up For Ever's DUO MAT powder foundation, by the way. It's the closest thing to oil-blotting powder they have. It's a foundation when used with a sponge, but works really well as a loose powder when applied with a brush. I love it. Good value for your money!

OH, and look at my damn hair! Just 2 days after my haircut and it already feels longer :( I am addicted to the sharp newly-clipped feel of hair and now it's too soft! Call me obsessed, but Issa can relate!!!

If mum or Gigi went with me, I would've brought home tons of fresh produce... I didn't have much cash and enough hands to carry so many stuff.

"benignit" as we call it in Cebu! (the ube/purple-lookiing one)

I LOOOOOVE baklava, but was too full already when I passed by this stall.

Yes, Cebu lechon's popular here... They get sold out by 1 PM every Saturday!

Bought 2 mangga-flavored ones, one langka (jackfruit) and one ube with langka BudBuds for Dad but I ended up helping him with them! LOL. Loved all of em especially the mango-flavored ones (real fruit stuffed inside the sticky rice! YUMMM)

These sugar-free pastillas were quite good, too!

The pretty girls with their sausages on a stick! Behind Issa is the French chef who made them and the galettes.

I wanna try the kimchi rice next time, even if I must be the only Asian who isn't a fan of rice.

Issa's "Tumblr-worthy" awsome chocolate-bar notebook!

I think only my high school batchmates and a few Cebuano people would get that phrase on the poster... It can sound like "Nganung buri mo?" LOL

And finally, we bumped into Kate Torralba! So funny how she was trying to tell Issa to watch our gigs (she was supposed to play for Heima that night, too, but she had a wedding to attend). She's actually Issa's godsister (if that makes sense) and had no idea that Iss and I were almost like sisters :)) Met her during a couple of gigs and she said she liked my new haircut. Yay!


Planning on visiting again next Saturday, with some friends or my mom this time... She's visiting and bringing along my brother for the long weekend. Can't wait!!!

The Salcedo market happens every Saturday
from 9 AM to 2 PM at the Salcedo Park, Makati.

*all photos taken with my new Panasonic Lumix GF1, Pancake! :)


Honey Andrade said...

Dude... You look like you lost more weight. I'm jelaaasssss!!! LOL.

Raleene said...

It's an illusion!!! My face looks smaller with the buzzcut. LOLOLOLLLL :))

Unknown said...

everything looks so absolutely delicious I almost had to wipe drool off my face lol. Your buzz cut looks killa (cool) love it!

Raleene said...

Yeah, I love Filipino food markets! We have everything but Filipino food's reallyyyy good, too! :) And thanks :)

Love Child's Dainty Mind said...

This is nice, should check this out next time. Everything looks tempting! Hahaha... thanks for sharing. :)

mish said...

why did i not know this when i lived in manila? i feel like a noob. lol. i miss authentic filipino food. must visit when i return. please send some to new york. lol. :)

Raleene said...

mish- pls send some New York to Manila, too. :)) LOL jk.