Monday, October 25, 2010

Made with Love

Did my makeup that night and this seriously made me think of starting my own lipstick collection. A pretty color would've completed this look! (Riz took these photos using the GF1 and NO I was NOT naked. LOL)
Eyeshadows all from my Urban Decay NAKED palette and I'm wearing Freshlook contact lenses (Green, -3.00 on both eyes)

Thanks to Kat for taking tons of photos during our performance! :)

Rossy's white Lumix! We got it from the same store, but I ordered mine online... They delivered it for free! Forgot their username but you can look for more GF1s on

Rizza and Dy- long lost sisters!!! LOL

Danika, Bong and Saab. Danika styled us for our shoot, and she also has an awesome blog... This girl is super talented! Read more about her here.

Just recreating that photo we took inspiration from for one of my photos! :))

Rossy and Bong- the people behind Heima!

Ava's cool stockings

Oh gosh, Riz... You are trying too hard to be adorbz on all these photos! There were no cute French guys that night... So what gives? LOL

I want this daybed!!! I have to do something to my big white sofabed first :))

With the very talented Arlene Sy, who showcased her works during the launch

Saw Vito's furniture on display when we were about to go home!
Arlene and Birdie are too cute!

Yes, we can!

Seriously, I have too many pictures of Rizza with her darn balloon that she named Sheldon (from BBT)!!!! LOLLL

And here are some obligatory mean-face (lol) lazy gig outfit pics...
Thank you Rizza for letting me borrow your top! hehehe

Thanks to Charmed Life :)

And here's a page with me on their new catalogue! A printed version by Arlene will be produced soon, and it's better if you view everything on their site. Everywhere We Shoot (Ryan & Garovs) is responsible for their site's new adorable design! :)

PLUS Riz made a mashup of three songs, which was her winning piece during the BNE idol of some sorts in her school (DLSU) which she won, by the way! WOOHOO! Here's a video of that mash-up/medley taken by Bong with a Flip Mino HD.

Thanks to Heima for inviting us to your events, and for letting us take part in your projects!


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Arlene said...

Yay! Awesome photos as always :) Oh, and Ral, I didn't design the online catalog :p Hehe, what I'll be working on is the print/hardcopy version (still in the works!) :) Hee.

Raleene said...

Noted! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm planning on buying a Lumix GF1. Which is better? The 20mm kit or the 14-45mm kit? Let me know! Thanks :)

Raleene said...

I got the 20mm cos I'm a sucker for DOF and Bokeh :)) plus I have a zoom lens for Nikon (18-200mm) which I always use for shoots when I can't use the 50mm. If you don't have a DSLR or digicam, maybe it's good to get the 14-45. But if you just need a thinner one for portraits, food shots, etc.. The 20mm works really well. U can see reviews of the 14-45 online. My other friends who use the GF1 all use the 20mm cos they also own DSLRs. Good luck!