Friday, October 22, 2010

My new GirlFriend(1), Pancake.

I got a haircut today!

Clearer photo of the white GF1. Isn't it so pretty???

After our photo shoot at Heima last night, I decided to just cancel my LX5 order and looked for a white GF1 online. My LX5 didn't get delivered to my house that night too, because of "traffic" (psshhh) so I took that as a sign... Initially, I didn't want it since I had a DSLR (the GF1 is considered to be the smallest DSLR in the world) plus I just really wanted a pocket camera to bring with me everyday. The LX3 proved to be a really excellent camera before I sold it to Vito, so I thought that upgrading to the LX5 was fine for me. proved to be really helpful since Henry's in Quiapo didn't have white ones on hand, and the ones I found online were cheaper (and offered free delivery) by a couple of thousands. Everyone kept saying that the white version was rare, but luckily I only had to ask 3 stores til I found one that still carried it. It's slightly more expensive than the black or red ones, but Inez advised me to just get it since it would be worth a lot in the future (if ever I decide to sell it).

I've been wearing bracelets from Charmed Life

Here's the team! Grabbed these photos from Tricia. YAY! And that was my hair before having it cut (which I should've done before this shoot, grr). My hair grows out really fast! The stylist was even shocked and told me that I had to go back every two weeks. Say whuttt?!

Can't wait to see the final catalogue! I took photos of BJ and BJ was the main photog who took photos of Tricia and I.

And ooooh fun iPhone photos from the shoot! Tricia and BJ took clearer BTS pics but I was too busy using my Flip cam to capture videos (video post soon) so I didn't bother taking my DSLR around. Heeee :)

My first makeup look. I had to be a "hands-on housewife" for my first two looks!

Cute cootie catchers made for Tricia's bedroom set-up

So many cute set-ups!


Ryan asked if we could Facetime since we were the only ones with the iPhone 4! LOLZ


I really wanna buy this pillow! Cute :)



Anonymous said...

Raleene, did you cut your hair? (O_O)

If so, whhhyyyyy? (T.T) It was so beautiful. (Well, it's still is, but I like long hair). xD

Raleene said...

I finally cut it... Because it suits my personality more. My long hair was boring for me and I only got to style it during shoots. :) what a waste of shampoo and conditioner! Lol

Hannah Bacalla said...

You totally rock the look, Ral! You're definitely one of my dream models! <3

Raleene said...

Omg thats a lot coming from you! Idol! <3

Anagon =) said...

Grabe Raleene you're a standout because of your cool haircut! :)) And i love your nail color <3

Raleene said...

First time to try out a glittery (not-so) light nail color! :))