Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas/birthday wishlist

Creating a wish list since my birthday falls just a month after Christmas :)

(My size is W8)

2. Rotring technical drawing pens in 0.5, 0.3 and 0.1

3. Manduka Black Mat PRO OR any good quality yoga mats :)
(Manduka mats can be purchased at Certified Calm, Shangri-la Plaza Mall)

4. Travel-sized makeup brushes from Sigma, Beauty Bar, Suesh, Dollface Cosmetics or any other brand!
-I prefer black kits but other colors will do
-nothing too pricey
-should be small brushes that I can place in my everyday bag

5. A really nice ergonomic chair for my office/study room :)
(Hi, mum and dad!!!)

6. Any BLACK makeup bag

Thankfully we can now purchase them locally thanks to Suesh!

8. Goody StayPut slip-proof grip hair bands
For the gym! I may have short hair now, but my bangs can get annoying while running.

I really am the worst at making wish lists... Seriously. But I think these are things I really need and will be able to use every day :)

Oooh, you can also write me a nice letter as usual if you're a true friend ;) Nobody ever does those anymore since buying things can actually be easier for most people. *sigh*

Have fun shopping for the holidays, everyone!


Honey Andrade said...

Do you want an early birthday present? LOL

Raleene said...

woman, please don't spoil me :> hehehe let's exchange gifts when it's near the holidays! :))