Monday, November 15, 2010


Salcedo Market on a Saturday morning

Riz looks like she's enjoying her Wagyu shawarma too much! She's oblivious of everything else that's happening around her.

I got the spicy pad thai from Thai Foods :) my friend Seesee prepares the food with her mum each week and they have so many vegetarian goodies!

woman who always gets bored with her hair.... She dyed it an awesome blue which I've always wanted on my hair!

What Paulo had (Wagyu burger and some lechon) PLUS a Wagyu Shawarma. He tells me it's normal cos he's 6'3"!

baby Nathan is the cutest!!!

with mommy Tin

watching them make the Wagyu burgers

John & Yoko at Greenbelt 5

Paulo's Venetian Rolls which was merely Vienna Sausage cuts rolled in rice and nori. :))

i got crunchy maki rolls. Nothing special.

the Stock Market at Bonifacio High Street


Was irrirated since their servers were slow... There was a point when I asked the waitress clearly (and I'm saying that since my father and sister were there and attested that I did, too) "Do you guys put MEAT in your tacos?" since the menu only said "filled with pineapple relish"- to which she confidently replied with a "No, ma'am!"

30 minutes later, this shows up and I'm surprised that it did have meat, so I told them that I wanted to send it back since the girl told me it wouldn't have any meat in it and I was strictly a vegetarian, plus Riz and my dad were really full already.. The same waitress comes to the rescue and says "I thought you asked if the tacos had MILK?" --This was when I rolled my eyes and literally started SMH-ing. Milk in tacos, seriously?!?!? Do I look stupid? AND they wouldn't accept it so we ended up having to pay for it anyways and had it packed up since they wouldn't send it back... Nobody ate it at home afterwards. Only in the Philippines- restaurants and servers will NEVER admit to their mistakes and the motto "the customer is always right" DOES NOT exist!!! Servers beg for you to pay for it since they're always "scared that they will get charged for it."

Now I know why the Stock Market's one of the really few restaurants which never gets full on Sunday nights (Riz and dad chose this resto since the ones we wanted to go to were really packed last night). They really have to train their crew better cos I can see them closing in the near future... I'm usually really nice to restaurants on my blog but this is the nth time we've experienced bad service so I just had to blog about this.

Pia y Damaso (Greenbelt 5)


My omelette was so delish! It had spinach, eggplant, mushroom, and other veggies.


both were Pau's orders... I had my usual verdure tartufato sandwich...


Rochelle said...

wth @ the stock market.. similar thing happened to me at Chelsea Podium (waiters @ serendra are rockstars compared to podium's) when i asked if something was served with whole wheat bread, he told me to wait, asked the chef, and came back and said.. "excuse me mam, whole MEAT bread?" i wanted to shoot him!! lol btw i love your food pix! :)

Raleene said...

The guys at Chelsea Serendra are better. And hey, at least they clarified. This girl DID NOT and responded with a confident yes. O_O

Anonymous said...

Hi what camera did you use to take the pictures you posted here in this entry? :)

Raleene said...

Panasonic Lumix GF1 with the F1.7 20mm lens