Thursday, November 18, 2010

I dub thee...

Recorded a song with Jack Rufo for an upcoming Christmas album with other musicians from Church Simplified! :)

Can't wait to hear how it turns out, and I want to listen to the other tracks already! Love the holidays... Can u tell?

A behind-the-scenes video from that photo shoot I did in Cebu for the What A Girl Wants fashion show this November 26 at the Shangri-la Mactan Resort & Spa!


Some obligatory mouth-watering food pics:
the "Fantastic" from Cafe Breton
P1010157 copy
Riz and I ordered Nutella crepes one night at Cafe Breton. She got a crepe flambe- meaning they set it on fire right in front of our eyes! You can't really see the blue flames on the second photo, though (tried to take a photo quickly while it was on fire). They were soooooo delicious!

I'm on this month's Sense & Style magazine. Thanks to Honey for the scans! :)

Once again, I'm dubbed as a "fashion blogger," something I think I can never call myself... Look at my blog, there are more food pics than photos of my outfits! LOL... But seriously, thank you to everyone who come to my site for fashion-related posts! I am pressured to dress well each day. Oh dear.

*I'm really more comfortable with being called a lifestyle blogger instead, simply because my fashion-related posts can't compare to other peoples' well-researched and well-written forecasts on trends and style. I just like writing about (my) life in general. This is a personal blog, after all... But I'm not complaining. I feel lucky my blog gets noticed a bit. Seriously. And I just remembered that I've been running this thing for quite some time now. It's helped me market my services in a lot of ways, that's why this is the only one I've been consistently updating.

Many thanks to Sense & Style Magazine!!!



Liz said...

i loooove nutella crepé :) had lots of them when i was in paris. hehe ^^,

btw. i love your blog :D

Raleene said...

Liz: aaahhhh u are lucky. Paris.... Soon, soon. Praying. :)

To the anonymous commenter: I keep my fashion accounts cos that's free and it helps me promote my services. Which I'm sure you're not familiar with cos u hate my guts and read my blog ;) as long as I'm earning a living online, I am happy. Drown in ur own misery if u insist, but remember that we can choose to stop hating and be happy instead :D God bless you. You keep my site running. Hwheheh :P

Honey Andrade said...

I still dont understand WHY you get haters.. I've been a follower for months now and I dont think I've read any posts on here that are worth hating.

If you dont like a certain person/blog, all you have to do is avoid them. :) But he/she still visits your blog.. Perhaps this person admires you secretly. Hehe.

That, or he/she is just a bored coward who has nothing better to do with his/her time than to talk shit about other people and hide behind their computer. What a pity.

Raleene said...

Hehehehe some people can't accept that I'm actually really friendly =)) . I think if whoever this hater is just TRIES to actually befriend me, she'll feel a little lighter. But then again, we can't please everyone, and some of us are just lucky that we don't have hate planted in our hearts...

I don't even have the nerve to post anything negative on my site... Ever since I've started blogging I've come to accept that there will always be haters who will ironically keep coming back to read my posts. If i'm trying hard to be soooo cool, then why do these people still check out my site? Maybe they DO think I'm cool (subconsciously). I shall take their actions as a compliment ;)

Here I go again, trying to turn negative vibes into more positive ones. HAHAHAHAH.

HI HONEY!!!! <3

Kryz said...

omg raaal!!!! ka uwawwwww!!!

Raleene said...

NOOOOOO you're so cute Kryz!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Met you before but I don't think you remember me still... Whoever that hater is probably havent seen you in person. You are really nice & friendly!!! I'm sure she just wants to befriend you but CAN'T. Let her die in jealousy! Please block her, you dont need her here. Okay? :)

Anonymous said...
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