Saturday, November 20, 2010

Powersnet by John Robert Powers

I remember telling you guys last February about a photo shoot we had for a new social networking style site that was gonna be launched early this year.

The launch has been delayed since they had to make tons of adjustments to the layout and wanted to make sure that people would still be interested in joining it. Let's face it, there are TONS of fashion-related forums and social networking sites existing now, so the John Robert Powers team wanted to make sure that their new site was going to attract people through a better site.

After how many months, POWERSNET is now up and running, with a small amount of members posting about fashion, events, and the like.

POWERSNET is an online portal designed by John Robert Powers for inspiring works and inspiring individuals to share anything on fashion, style, beauty, poise, and well growing up.

Through photos and conversation starters, POWERSNET empowers the young to stay connected through bright and beautiful moments, trends, and people.

I am one of the ambassadors they've chosen for the site, alongside photographers BJ and Joseph, and designer Risa.

I am inviting you guys to register and join Powersnet. The new & improved layout makes it really easy and fun to share things on their 4 sections: Spotted, Ask/Say, Finds and DIY.

I am looking forward to interacting with more people and for the community to grow!

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