Sunday, November 28, 2010

WAGW fashion show//Girls' Night Out fashion party

Walked with Olga around Shangri-la Mactan to find Cowrie Cove... Haven't been here in a long time. I miss it.

The lineup

Camille of Coexist was also here for a photo shoot with What A Girl Wants! She introduced me to Laureen Uy who was also an upcoming brand ambassador for the line. The whole group will be revealed this January.

Yanyan's shoes from Parisian.

My Swatch MyGent and Mia's Goldfinger limited edition Swatch watch... This photo doesn't do it justice, it looked so awesome in person! When she mentioned it was from Swatch, I was so surprised then I quickly realized that it was the same watch that I wanted over a year ago, but I never got the chance to buy it since I never liked wearing gold accessories. Now I regret it. This watch is really eye-catching.

Mia will never lose her LA hipster style. She is one of my more talented/busy friends from Cebu. She graduated just months ago from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) and made the decision to come back to the Philippines. Since then, she's been assigned as the creative/operations director of Ferimar Inc. (her mom's company), trends editor of Zee Lifestyle Magazine and is coming up with her own brand called MIAARCENAS BRAND. Wow. Did I mention that she was a singer and a model in Cebu, too? She's gotten offers to join show business (she's Matteo Guidicelli's cousin) but she's also not too keen about the sacrifices one would have to make, especially since you may have to change your lifestyle so much.

Oh, and we have one thing in common- she's also in a long-distance relationship! Jimmy is in LA, and in a month or so my beau is heading to Michigan. She gave me some tips on how to survive the time difference, loneliness, etc.

The first time I met Chai was during our photo shoot [video] just 2 weeks before this show... She had really long locks back then and was surprised she cut it when she arrived during rehearsals! She said that she got the idea after seeing me, and her boyfriend loves styling her hair now... Well in my case, my beau forces me to style his hair when we're in the same city. LOL.I think she rocks it and looks even more like a supermodel.

Here's to the short-haired girls club! Oh and we all agree that hair length is not gonna help you with the hot weather we have to live with... Long or short, we still complain about the extreme heat!

It lacks an E. :)

With Love and Donique, the girls of Wearintheworld.

Thanks to my friends who braved the scary weather to see me and watch the show!!! Awww :)

Oh yesss Issa is slowly making her hair stand to sport that fauxhawk!!! The purple and blue streaks are just as awesome.

With Mikel Rama, an upcoming What A Girl Wants For Her Man brand ambassador.

With the cousins- Mia, Issa and Cheska.

Photos I grabbed & post-processed from Mikey (he posted videos on his blog post about the event):

154213_10150326878735176_867470175_16061175_6565661_n (1)
Posin backstage with Mia, Gayle and Mikey.

Had so much fun catching up with these two sweethearts! Why are my friends so much sexier than me? :( LOL

With Cielo, Kim, Mia, and Gayle.

Oh yes, we had to smile and walk the runway to the tunes of Pomplamoosemusic.

My relatives in Manila were sending us photos of the turkey they were having for thanksgiving through MMS, but Dad and I were in Cebu for the weekend (he was in the Inventors Society contest in Ayala) so we had a small thanksgiving celebration sans the turkey.

After the WAGW show + fashion party, I didn't have the chance to sleep so I quickly packed my stuff for my 5am flight. Good thing I woke up my mom- she and my brother were taking the same flight! Hilarious panic-packing took place :))

When I graduate and take some months off before board exam reviews, I swear I'm going to spend a couple of days at the Shangri-la Mactan Resort plus other lovely hotels in Cebu!!!

I miss my island paradise.


Melai said...

Congrats to you raleene and to WAGW!

Melai of Style and Soul

Raleene said...

Thanks <3

Unknown said...

hi raleene, it's good to see you in the flesh finally (after checking out your blog for quite a while) at the WAGW party. was there with other Cebuano fashion bloggers. we wanted to come over and say hi but we got starstruck with your lot.. hehe.

must say, you looked divine in your new cut! now i miss my side shaved hair. you just looked awesome on the runway:)

and oh, my boyf is from MI too... good luck with the whole long distance thing!:)

hope to be seeing you and your rad style here again in Cebu.



Raleene said...

Aww would've loved to meet Cebu bloggers :) Thanks a lot for reading my blog!

<3 Raleene