Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bayo x Heima launch

Forever 21 brand ambassadors David and Tricia

Joseph Wu from Good Morning High Fives dropped by to watch us play. Yay!

Finally met David G. in person! (okay I wasn't ready when this photo was taken. LOL)

Stolen from Tricia:

The Heima team invited us to sing during the launching of their collaboration with Bayo last December 17 at Eastwood. I was surprised to see that some bloggers were there and that it was quite an event (I thought it was going to be intimate). Heima never fails to organize fun and quirky events and their collaborations are always lovely. Tricia was their image model for the furniture line.

Notice that during the past couple of posts I've been wearing nothing but no-brainer outfits. This is what happens when I encounter gigs and events during my crucial months in college, so bear with me (LOL).

Riz and I played a couple of songs for them and I had to rush to my groupmate's house right after for another all-nighter-- we were attempting to finish our scale model (will post photos of that soon). Holiday traffic's always a problem when jumping from one place to another during a school day, but I'm glad we got there on time! I know I'm clearly suffering from schoolwork, but I think I survive by doing those things I enjoy from time to time (doing gigs + seeing pretty things). Sister and I love performing and I love seeing people to clear my mind off school... And so I'm thankful.

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